Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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I turned 27 a few weeks ago. Last year was the best year of my life, but every year has been greater than the one before, so I expect this year will be even better.

Sound cliche? Maybe, but it was really a fantastic year. I had so much fun at work and in my private life.

(for those of you who don't know, I'm an engineer in a certain manufacturing company. I won't tell you who I work for, but I'm 90% sure you have one of our products at home. I start up production lines)

My 26th birthday was spent on a business trip to Germany, visiting one of our production sites. Since I didn't know very many people there, I thought I'd spend my birthday alone. It certainly didn't turn out that way - see the picture below!

One of the girls decided to throw a party for me (I'm 5th from left)

It was great working in Germany - very different from what I'm used to. I spent a month in a certain factory in a very small town in southern Germany!

Another thing that went great was that I finished my project in China! It went fantastically well, even though everyone I worked with was younger than me (HORROR!!!!), they all tried their best. The best part was that they made me feel very welcome and we were really one great team!

Me with my team

My passion is traveling. Along with my business trips last year, I got to go to so many places and do so many things. IT WAS THE BEST.

Where did I go?


(Eiffel tower, sorry I'm not in the picture since I was there alone!)

This is a biking tour through Paris - I highly recommend this!!
(I don't know the people in the pic. They were just in the same biking group)
(Great Wall, and right before the Olympics!)

Tiananmen Square

Part of my pearl haul... only part of it!
(excuse the shine. Go to 紅橋市場 for great pearls and great bargaining!!)


(China - I worked there on and off for nearly 6 months!)

(Yes, that's me scuba diving with sea turtles)

GOA (India)

(I took these pics from a moving ferry. Sorry if it's out of focus!)

I made so many good friends last year. Isn't that the best thing ever?

Some are old friends...

Scott lives in Canada and I only see him rarely - but we met up in China!

Some are new friends...

Amber was one of the girls I worked with in China!

So yeah, last year was truly a fantastic year for me! I'm gonna do my best to make sure that my 27th year is better than my 26th so that next year I'll be able to say "My Favorite Age is 27...!!"


  1. Yay! You posted pics of yourself!

    You went to Paris alone? That's so brave of you? Where else did you go in Paris? I'd be terribly lost if I went there alone hahaa

  2. @Blair

    Hahaha, I go everywhere alone. Of my 6 trips to China last year, 5 were alone! So were my trip to Hawaii, Beijing, Hong Kong and India. Yeah, all of my friends are getting married and it is really difficult to coordinate trips with them now!

  3. that's great. wish i had traveled so much at your age.enjoy the years to come! you are eh, 10 years younger than me!

  4. How cool!!! We share so much in common, including similar age, lol.

  5. what a wonderful year! :) i hope your 27th is even half as good as your 26th.. or even better, twice as good! i loved all of these pictures. hopefully your friends will be able to join you next year on your trip :D

  6. Wow you have accomplished so much in such a young age!
    I wanna be like you, traveling and making a lot of friends from all over the world! =D

  7. I wishhhhhh I was 27... You look absolutly gorgeous Kay!!!

    We'll have to swap soon my dear, how about after I get back from Canada -- so mark your calendar for May 12th!!! woot woot

  8. Belated Happy birthday and you had fun in China wow!!!

  9. ah i see the pearl haul!
    i am much older than u!! i turn 29 this year in oct XD

  10. http://www.giselejaquenod.com.ar/blog/

    i got the layout from here, but i add on a lil bit here and there from chinese website.

  11. i'm actually very happy and excited that you said your years is getting better than the previous ones! Cuz that only means i don't need to worry about getting older hahaha!!

  12. Happy birthday!!! Wow last year was certainly amazing for you! You are lucky that you got to travel to so many amazing places and made some great friends. Yes, I hope 27 is an even more fabulous year for you :)

  13. Wow you've been all over the place! It must be nice to travel... hehe~

  14. wow how fun u got to scubba dive!! was that scary? i wanna try tooo!!! happy blated birthday! i had no clue... hope it was a good one!


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