Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EDIT: SWAP with JeSMakeup!

When I came home from work on Monday, there were TWO packages waiting for me at the post office!


I brought them both home, but I only opened one... from Jess (Fun and Makeup)!
She wanted some Kit Kats (see here for the wonderful post on it)!

Here is the package!!!!

Look how many goodies are inside!!!

So colorful and bright... even the twisties are AMERICAN!!!

Yummy American candy!

LOOK at how cute this case is!!!

This case had candies shaped like HK heads inside!!!!

A love note from Jess... awwww....
Conditioner & HK solid perfume??? I think lipgloss (thanks Jess for clarifying!)

Jess took a look at my wishlist!! THANK YOU!!
HOW did Jess KNOW that I LOOOOOVVEEEEE this one!!

oooh look... bubble wrap!!!

What could be inside????


My very first NYX trio!
And CG Cheekers in Golden Pink!!!!

Thank you to Jess for this GREAT swap!!!!
xoxo, K


  1. haha.. u're too cute.. u've been loved by the ladies. =)

  2. NO PROBLEM! thank you very much for the opportunity! :) im so glad it was sent to you all in one piece.. or else i would of been a "swaplifter"! haha
    First video. and you did GREAT!! you are tooo cute and soo funny!! hahah "american"

    i thought itll be funny to send you a kitkat from the US tooo! lol
    i really wish there was different flavors here...
    i really LOVE the green tea & white chocolate! yUmmmie!

    oOhh the HK candies are shape as HK? i didnt know, i wanna get some now..

    i thought the NYX color was really nice.. i actually wanna get that for myself too.. i only have one NYX that my friend gave me.. but i want the HIPPIE NOW! u should try to create a look with those 3 colors together.

    the extras: its a HK LIPGLOSS haha :)

    i wish i didnt get too excited wit this swap since i forgot to add the other extra! haha

    its ok.. maybe next time! =)

    and i wish i blogged more about your stuff.. i was just too busy at that time with my relatives.. but anyways.. THANKS THANKS THANKS KAY you r a cutie!!! and im glad you liked YOUR GIFTS!!! and yes, i did peak at your wishlist haha =)

    i Love the video and hope to see more!!!!!

  3. oh yea.. you also mentioned to me on one of my blog posts that u miss american candy.. thats why i sent you those! wow KAY arnt u spoiled!!! hahah <33333333333

  4. aww...the HK are cute <3
    love them...

  5. those are wonderful swap package! :) Enjoy the goodies cutie!

  6. Who Meeeeeeeeeee

    Le Sigh -- You were my inspiration the other day, I finally got off my ass and made some crocheted roses. (first time!!!!)

    they're fun!!!

    I'll post up pix of them later on my craft blog, when my workload is dunzo.


    p.s. beautiful swappage from Ms. Jess
    I'm excited to get back from Canada so I can round up a cute package for you!!! ^_^

  7. Cute vid!! I am dying over the HK overload!!

  8. cool swap!! great video, should make more!!

  9. Such cute stuff~~ :D How nice you got so many things on your wish list!

  10. ohh what a cute package!!! I haven't watched the video yet since I'm in class right now but I'll check it out at home! aww I want to do swaps! >_< Maybe one of these days hehe Can't wait to see the other package!!!

  11. also those hairpins are very cute!!! can't wait to see the finish product <3

  12. Too cute girl!! I love this vid! It's always great to put a voice to the face! :)

    Jes got you a ton of great stuff! And you wishlist items too! I totally didn't see that link before I sent mine! Sorry!

    All the HK stuff is soo cute!! And the twisite tie is awesome!

    Cute roses Kay! You guys are soo talented!

  13. yayyy video, you're so cute!! :)

    how nice of her :DD

    i think those hairpins will be so cute!!

  14. what a super cute package you received!!
    The little rose crochets are adorable, it looks like you used some really soft looking yarn hehe.

  15. I was all giggles watching your video! You are too cute!!!
    Lol I love the ending.."bye bye" It's so asiannyyy! :P
    More videos plz!
    When are you coming to the US?

  16. aww so many goodies!
    And cute video ^^

  17. aww! you were so cute in your video!!! I love bath and body works too!!! If you ever need anything you can ask me =D we can do a swap too! <3

  18. yay video! i loovvvee when i get packages in the mail, it just makes my day. looks like you were quite satisfied with yours =D

  19. You are so cuteee!!! More videos please haha

  20. OMG :)

    The contents are so cute! Haha. You must had been so happy to receive it. I love opening packages. ♥

  21. Aww I loved watching your video! You are so cute, hehe. & the hairpins you make are gorgeous! =)


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