Thursday, June 18, 2009

Closed! SMALL GIVEAWAY: What should I buy in Seoul?

My giveaway is closed! Thank you so much!!

I'm going to Seoul on Sunday, June 21.

(Yes, this time it's for REAL!!!!)

I need your advice. What should I buy?????? It's a super general question, I know.
I've decided to make it into a giveaway, a la Jamilla.

I emailed her and she was sooooo sweet and let me borrow her idea!
SOOOO here's my SUPER QUICK, SUPER EASY giveaway!!!

What you need to do:
Please suggest a Korean product for me to buy in Seoul!

Deadline: Saturday June 20, 11:59 Japan Standard time
Yes, around noon, not midnight!
(click here to see the time in your location)

The 1st place winner will receive this:
Lux Super Damage Repair Hair treatment!!!
(I will get a new, unopened one of course!!!!)

The 2nd place winner will receive this:

Mandom Barrier Repair Mask Hyaluronic Acid(5 sheets)!!

Here's how it goes:
1. This contest is open to anyone following my blog! Not following me yet? Click the "follow" button! Please follow me publicly!

2. In the comments, please suggest a beauty-related product for me to buy in downtown Seoul

3. Anything is OK!!!! I am on the lookout for BB creams, primers, pressed powders, and any skin care items (lotions, emulsions, masks, etc), but I'm open to anything!

4. Please suggest an affordable product! I'd say I'd buy things which are under 20,000 Korean Won (about $16 USD). Not sure of the price? Suggest it anyway!
5. Please suggest a Korean product. I'm not going to buy Fancl/Kate/MajoMajo/etc since I can get that in Japan!
6. Please be as specific as you can. "Why don't you try the Skinfood Banana Yogurt Mask?" is much clearer to me than "Why don't you try one of the Skinfood wash off masks?" (I already have the Banana Yogurt Mask as well as the Kiwi Yogurt Mask)
Some questions you might ask me:
Q: "I don't know what to suggest!"
A: If there are any Korean products which you want to try, or that you've tried and you like, please suggest them to me!

Q: "I don't know how much this product is in Won! It's $30 on ebay though!"
A: Korean things will probably be cheaper in Korea! Please suggest it anyway!

Q: "I think this is a great product, but it's an eyeshadow/lipgloss/etc"
A: Sure, suggest it to me!

This is just a great chance for me to thank everyone who has befriended me on blogger!
Thank you so much for your love!!!

Hope you have fun thinking of a product for me!!!
xoxo, K
PS: I will try to announce the winners on June 23, but I may be late... I will go on to China from Seoul and as you know, I have very, very limited access to blogger there!!!!!!!


  1. Haha! This makes me wish I knew more about Korean products! LOL! Is Lioele BB Creams Korean?! Cuz I really like the reg pink one. Don't know how much it costs though, my sample tube was gifted to me by Yasumi. And I think they just came out with a SPF one!! So even better!

    Have fun on your trip!! And be safe! :)

  2. Hi!! OMG, I wanna go to Seoul & shop again! I believe you'll really enjoy it, especially with the stronger yen. I'd suggest you go hauling at The Skin Food for cheap and great bath & skin care products. I liked their Peach Sake Ice Mist, and Gold Caviar mask sheet just to name a few. I also like their shower gels & scrubs. Etude House for their cheap nail polishes. I loved Hanskin BB cream, they are not too expensive, I recall they are less than 3000 won. I also liked Banila Co.'s primers & their new BB Cream. Their brushes are good too. Soft, do not shed & no colour run. BTW, if you like Orbis, there is Orbis in Seoul too, but I believe that it's cheaper in Seoul because of the stronger yen. Oh and don't forget Innisfree. Loved their wash off mask packs. OMG. I think I need to make a yearly trip to Seoul for shopping. LOL!

  3. oo skinfood mushroom bb cream :) though it's a little heavier, might not be that awesome in humid temps. i really like l'egere bb creams (both multiwhite and the one on the pink tube) though they're a little more pricey. oo! snow tea masks :D from skinfood, i heard those are super good. and the whole peach sake line is supposed to be good too for suppressing excess oil--i really want to try it :3

  4. Owww, I haven't been to Seoul before but would certainly go shopping mad if I did LOL!

    You can try the 'NANOSOO Realize White Expert Serum' It's a hydrating, whitening and firming serum all in one. A few of my friends and I have tried it before and the whitening effects worked better for some than others, but it's a pretty light hydrating serum, and certainly works well for summer. Unfortunately they've discontinued it in HK now, but hope you have fun trying it out.

  5. I highly recommend the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack! I picked it up at the Seoul Airport for $10 US dollars!! I stocked up because it's really worked for me as an overnight hydrating mask. I wake up to smoother, firmer skin that glows! My pores are also less visible. All of that for $10 dollars is a steal to me! I hope you have a great trip and get to do some amazing hauling!

  6. AWE! I recommend to you to try The Face Shop facial masks , all of them 7 000 won! inexpensive! but very great products! I've honey pull off mask which I started to love after 3 times use and Cucamber wash off mask! Very good stuffs! You can get this products in The Face Shop ( TFS ) store!
    Also you can see for TFS BB creams, lean Face oil free BB cream, this product just wow!

  7. Oh la la, what a lovely giveaway with nice prizes!

    Okay so here's my two cents...

    I think you should check out Banila Co. products because they look interesting and I like the packaging, hehe, particularly the bb creams though I don't know the difference between Let Me BeBe and Let Me Finish, or also the Prime primer that comes in dif colors ( ). Also I think this blush looks really cute, looks baked like a MAC MSF and like the color would make a pretty pink blush/highlighter, and I like the name!

    Links: (Let Me BeBe, comes in Nude or Sheer) 25,000 won (Let Me Finish) 25,000 won (Gossip Girl The Secret blush) 20,000 won (Prime Primer, comes in clear, green and blue I think) 18,000 won

    I haven't tried any of those, and I can't read the ingredients...but at least most of those items come from the Banila Co. Best Seller page on the website! =P

    Have fun shopping in Seoul!! Make us both envious and proud, hehe.

  8. Try Skin79 BB creams, especially the DermarX one. You can try google it and you will find some many good reviews about it. I am not sure about the price in won, but it should be about USD20 in my country, but should be cheaper in Korea since there is a huge markup in my country.

    Anyway, remember to get some Laneige stuffs as well, the strawberry peeling gel and the sleeping pack. Heard that Laneige stuffs are super cheap in Korea!

  9. you might want to try some VOV washoff masks. I've been trying them out last week and they're pretty good. The sheet masks stings me a little but the wash off masks leaves me hydrated :)

  10. OK here's my list of HGs:

    1. Etude House Face Designing Brightener, 11000won
    2. Etude House Mineral BB cream (white tube), 13500won
    3. Etude House Moistfull Jelly Essence, perhaps around 15000won?
    4. Face Shop White Tree Brightening masks (those that come in a box with 6 little tubs and an application brush), a little more than 15000won
    5. Face Shop Raspberry Roots sleeping mask, I think it's 15000won
    6. Face Shop Raspberry Collagen eye patch, not sure of the exact price but definitely below 5000won for 4 patches
    7. Skinfood Peach Sake Ice mist, 7000won
    8. Skinfood White Grape Makeup fixer in 01 Matte, 4900won
    9. Skinfood Apple & Tea Tree body mist, 7700won
    10. Skinfood Shea Butter Hair Mask, 5900won
    11. Skinfood Lychee Essence Hair Mist, 5900won
    12. Skinfood Apple & Mango Essence Hair Mist, 5900won
    13. Skinfood Lime Secret Shine Base in whichever colour you fancy (great dupe of Benefit's High/Moon Beam), 7900won
    14. Skinfood Black Sugar mask, 7900won
    15. Skinfood Rice Mask, 7700won
    16. Skinfood cucumber mask, 6700won
    17. Skinfood Kiwi Yogurt mask, 4900won
    18. Skinfood Peach Sake Pore Serum, 10000won
    19. Banila Co Two Kisses Lip tint + gloss duo, 7500won
    20. Banila Co Goodnight Kiss Lip Care Essence, 7500won
    21. Banila Co Eye Love Eye Primer, 15000won
    22. Banila Co Two Eyes Shadow in colour of your choice (colours are super pigmented and brilliant!), 12000won
    23. Banila Co Let Me Finish BB Cream SPF37, 20000won
    24. Banila Co Prime Primer in colour of your choice, 18000won
    25. Banila Co Mineral Surprise Essential Serum, 23000won

    OK, those are the items that I really really like, since Laneige's skincare's alcohol content is a little too high for my liking. Hope this helps you, and remember to post up pics of your hauls when you return =P enjoy your trip! Seoul is a wonderful place <3

    Love, Sarah (

  11. I am follower now. frankly I am new to korean cosmetics and I find this for you

  12. you should definitely buy BRTC serum both aqua and green tea ones.its only around US$ 10 i Indonesia and it'd be much more cheaper there.i have been craving for these but its always sold out ! i read in a beauty forum,it really WORKS well.the aqua one is for whitening and green tea one is for pores.

  13. you musssttt must must get the hanskin moisture water drop hand cream!!! i just got one yesterday and it's SO COOOOOLL!!!! it's only 5000won too! i sould totally take you to hanskin!!!!!

  14. hmmm...i wonder if that lux is available hair is so dry it keeps breaking =/

  15. i gotta email you again later hahaha..but i'm looking at going to myeong dong with al lthe goodies

  16. Get Laneige skincare items! I saw a store in Macau (Venetian), whoah! i was so tempted!! SongHaeKyo (image model) looks absolutely gorgeous!!! The strawberry peeling gel and water sleeping pack are very popular

    I like skinfood black sugar mask
    Also, try BB creams, Korea is seriously the "place" to buy BB creams. I like Coverqueen a lot. I just ordered Missha and Liole's, will get them in July, so im not sure about them yet, and cant reco to you

    I hope you enjoy your Korea trip. Basically, just hoard all the stuffs you want, and anything you dont want or is not compatible to you, im pretty sure, somebody will buy it from you should you decide to re-sell it. =)

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Get the BRTC Perfect Recover BB Cream! It's a skin repair and cosmetic in one. You've got to get it in Korea since it's cheaper there. Price is a little more than 20,000 won though. But they give lots of freebies. Plus the brand is so so soooo hard to find, even in online shopping sites. And when you see one on the web you'll notice that the price is incredibly high. So better get it in Seoul...(and get some more then do a blog sale! Yipee!)

  19. Hi K!
    Ooh I like your Jamilla-esque giveaway.. This is a good idea because I need suggestions on what to buy in Japan as well.
    Anyway I'd like to suggest two BB Creams for you. One is L'egere White Multi BB Cream which MANY have been raving about. I just got it last month off ebay so I'm not 100% sure on the pricing, but usually it is equivalent to $25-30USD. I like the light-medium coverage and miraculously the dark shade transforms to magically match my skin tone. The 2nd BB Cream I suggest is the Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm in the pink version (i've reviewed this before). The coverage is medium and I liked this a lot even though I only had a small sample! It's triple function with SPF25, whitening properties and anti-aging.
    Also I've heard so many reviews about this BB cream but I've never tried it myself--the Etude House BB Magic Cream. It's really glowy and dewy, if you like that sort of finish.

  20. I suggest getting the Etude House Precious Mineral Makeup Essence. I find that it's a pretty good primer and it looks a lot like Guerlain primer but doesn't have the same steep price.

    I also like the Skinfood Buckwheat Loose Powder. They come in a variety of shades (including purple) and work well in terms of oil control. I like applying it over BB cream to correct the color or to simply brighten up my complexion on lazy days. :)

  21. Sheet masks! The sheet masks is extremely cheap there. And a bonus is that they are extremely nice with their samples. hehehehe

    ~ Eme (

  22. well my answer is really simple. If i were you I would buy BRTC bb cream. I used the BRTC perfect recover balm and i loved it, i got rid of all my acne scars with it :) Also it really helped in calming down my face and it given me a glowly even toned complexion. And now i'm keen to try other BRTC bb creams, i really love this brand and i would recommend it to everyone. I got this bb cream on ebay and it was $23. It is more expensive than other brands but really worth it. Also i would buy Skin food masks just because they are really lovely hehe... skin food is a lovely yummy brand :) and some make up too, from Banila Co. :)

  23. Hi again K!
    Thanks for letting me know that you already have L'egere. Anyway so my other suggestion for you then is the Etude House Precious Mineral Makeup Essence which is really similar to the Guerlain primer with the little pearlescent beads, but much cheaper! Lotus Palace reviewed this a while ago and it sounds so nice because it's smoothing and the finish is so iridescent.

  24. I would suggest you to try out the Banila Co. let me finish BB cream. This BB cream is really nice and have pretty good coverage too. I only got the sample, I think the price should be around 20000won.

    Besides, skinfood, etude house, face shop, missha items u can get it too.

    since summer is coming/arrive, I highly recommend the peach sake pore serum, I've gone tru this serum for 5 bottles and more...I think it is a really good oil control product and it smells soo wonderful. The price should be around 9000 won to 11000 won as most of the items I can get from Malaysia.

    I would love to see you try some etude house nail polishes, u can get the konad version etude house nail stamp art at the etude house too. The nail polish, personally I think is better in quality compare with the skinfood nail polish, Etude house nail polishes offer many great shades too. I've try it and it is nice. for the price it should be around 3000-5000 won, I not really sure because I can get from Malaysia too.

    and lastly, u really have to try the vov daily fresh mask sheet and wash off mask.
    for the mask sheet, I recommend the strawberry yogurt and tomato flavor, it is really nice. I got them 10 pieces in box and the price should be around 16000won whereas for the wash off mask, i suggest to try the volcanic, berry berry, honey and lemon, price is lesser and cheaper than the masks sheet.
    I've try all these, and I think it would be a great deal if you can get them from korea as the price used to jack up when u can them from internet.

    But if you're looking for more luxuries and high end, u can pay a visit to hanskin, but some of the items are really pricey~~~

    this is for my entry, I will email u more about the list, because it will be never ending!!! haha xD

  25. Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints in #1 Red and #2 Pink, cost approximately $4.75 each :)

    Okay, I haven't tried these myself but I saw them at some time ago and I never forgot about them. Still hoping that somehow I'll be able to get a hold of them even if etude house isn't available here in the Philippines :)

  26. Hmm though im not from korea at the moment im eyeing these ups and something I want to get :
    lioele beyond solution bb cream - covers flaws and doesn't oxedise giving a greasy appearance

    the etude house eye make up brightening dual primer and brightener (13 usd dollars on ebay probably cheaper in Korea)

    They both look really good and something I would get if I went to Korea

    Great giveaway. Thanks for opportunity. Keep blogging

    Shan x

  27. Laneige and banilla co are quite good. Skinfood is a little over-rated but they have cheap decent nail-polish.

    I would like to suggest 2 brands instead of just products. The first is Dr.Jart ( I have tried the silver BB cream(a bit light-toned), the All out blackhead(very effective), Multi-action balancing toner and lotion. Very refreshing and soothing. Plus side is that they use natural ingredients.

    The second brand I would like to suggest is Chosungah Luna 조성아 루나. This is lesser known outside of korea but VERY VERY pretty. I can not even begin to tell you which specific item to pick up because they are all so cool. Their 'Angel Face Purity Makeup' collection is pretty. The 'pure face finisher' is very cute and their eyeshadow and cheek palettes are definitely something you have not seem before! I wanted to try their lip palette so badly but haven't managed to get my hands on it yet ^^;; (

    All these brands are available at the major Lotte Shopping Mall in Myongdong, the main shopping area.

    Wishing you the best time shopping ^__^ Please take pictures of the counters for the above brands ^__^

  28. 3W Clinic Olive Skincare Set for Women!!! I can show you a pic b/c I can't read Korean, lol :)
    Lashes from Faceshop!! I cousin sent me like 20 pair and I ♥ them.
    Shop till you drop girl!!!!

  29. Dang, I saw the prices of the items from The Skin Food in the comment above. Why am I paying an arm and a leg for them in Malaysia??? More than 100% markup!!

    I better calm down hahaha. Okay, here are some makeup/skincare items for you! =D

    1) Etude Marbleade Baked Blush in #3 (dupe for MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade)

    2) Missha Shimmering Ball Blusher in #1 Pastel Glow or The Skin Food Gold Caviar Moist Brightening Powder Ball in #1 Glossy Blooming (Guerlain Meteorites look-a-likes)

    Since dewy look is in, I thought I'd suggest some affordable highlighters =D

    3) The Skin Food Fermented Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping Mask

    I thought of this because
    a) I know you WILL go to a TSF branch ;p
    b) you're looking for whitening products hahaha

    Nothing else comes to my mind right now, but I'll text you if I do think of something =D

    Have fun in Korea & China!!!

  30. VOV mask! go try the green tea collagen mask!! its affordable and good!..=)


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