Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Korea Haul Part 1! (The Face Shop, etc)

This is Part 1 of my haul from Korea!

I know it's pretty late! Better late than never, right?

Here's the overview!

Apologies in advance for the crappy video quality! I'm not sure what's wrong!

Let's break it down, shall we?
I've included the name of the person who recommended them!
The Face Shop Firming Honey Peel Off Mask - Anastacia
The Face Shop White Tree EX Bright Mask Sheet - Izumi

Etude House Precious Mineral Makeup Essence – Sabine & Mika
Hanskin Moisture Water Drop hand cream - Miumiu

VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack (Wash Off Mask) - M, Ning Star, XY
(Volcanic Pack, Apple AHA Peeling Gel, Purity Seaweeds Pack, Lifting Berry & Berry Pack, 17 Cereals Pack)
Mirror from Etude House
And what would shopping be in Korea without SAMPLES!!!

Tony Moly Essential Mask Sheet Pack Cucumber
Body Wash Sponge from Nature Republic
Hanskin BB cream samples

RMK Foundation & Primer
The Face Shop Eco Therapy Extreme Moisture Toner & Lotion

Innisfree Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser
Cotton samples from MANY places

Etude House Moistful Mask & Aqua Sherbert Skin Toner & Lotion
Thanks again to Millie for hanging out with me!!!!
Stay tuned for Part 2!!!

xoxo, K


  1. Nice haul!! Makes me want to go to Korea to splurge on all the beauty stuff.

  2. Oh!!! I just got that FACE SHOP honey peel off mask, I absolutely LOVEEE the way it SMELLS, it might as well be PURE honey smelling that delicious!
    The peeling off part tho -- was HURTFUL, but it really pulls in and pulls off all the YUCKY stuff.

    I'm def. going to invest in more faceshop items for my facial routines, specially going into the mid-30s bracket! KILLER KAY HAULAGE!!!

  3. Very nice!!! Ohhh I wanna go too... haha I am glad you had fun! Let us know how you like your items, can't wait ;D

  4. lots of goodies :) hehe.. my friend went korea but not sure if she buy anything she told me its expensive

  5. great haul. please review them, especially the apple one...

  6. wow..love your hauls!! we do have Face Shop down here but I don't see a lot of those purchases you made!

  7. i agree with you, better late then never...hahaha
    nice haul, love the mirror btw!

  8. I am soooo jealous! Must go to Korea!! Let us know which products are your favorite

  9. haha only part 1?! it's a great haul so far! that etude house essence looks really similar to the Guerlain primer that Mona got a while back :)

  10. love your haul!! cant wait till part 2

  11. I am drooooooooooling over your haul!! This time your pics do more justice than the video...everything looks so fun to try! Now you know you have to review each item whenever you get the chance, right?! =P

  12. What a nice haul. Millie gave you such a cute apple lotion. It smells soooo goood (but I didn't grab it at the store!). You're lucky getting a TON of Korean samples!! :)

  13. apple lotion = love!!! :D
    nice haul, hehe i love how it's only part 1 of your hauls, that means more hauls to see :)

  14. ooooh Kay!! I got you some masks but now you have them all!! :(

  15. AWE! Such a nice haul! Yes, I can say again! Very cool facial masks! You inspired me to get some too :)

  16. wooooah! xD very nice! hahahaa. how much of this was planned and how much was unplanned? ;)

  17. Omg! that is a crazy haul! I am so jealous. I want to go to Korea now. For those samples. ha ha ha

  18. I know I have already commented in your YT channel, but I've got to say it again, fantastic haul!!! And look at those VOV masks!!!

  19. very nice! excited for part 2 :)

  20. I'm jealous!!! I want some Etude house goodies..lol

    Off to scour the internet for these goodies! =)

  21. Sweet haul!! Lotsa masks & samples! YAY!!! I'm glad that you had fun with Millie! :)

    And that apple container is sooo cute!! :)

    K you're too cute!! Missed ya!

  22. OH wow Great haul... I've never tried those Korean products before. Are they any good?

  23. thanks for the review, lucky u, i love korean stuff! the stude house mirror is so pretty, looks so pretty just like the anna sui mirrors, i was just wondering if you know of a website that i would be able to buy that mirror? (please write it in my cbox)thanks !love your blog


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