Thursday, August 6, 2009

quick review: The Face Shop Black Head EX Pore Strip

This is a quick review of The Face Shop Black Head EX Charcoal Pore Strip!
(Whew! What a long name!)

I totally don't remember how much this was...

Anyway, you use it just like any other pore strip.
Wet your nose, slap it on, and peel it off when it dries!

Warning: Disgusting gunk out from K's nose ahead!


This works pretty well!
I think it works better than Biore's pore strips!
The down side is that it smells like charcoal!

Some people have told me that pore strips don't work for them.
Here are some tips!

1. Make sure your pores are REALLY open. A quick way to do this is to microwave a damp towel for 20 seconds and put it on your nose for at least 1 minute!

2. Make sure your nose is damp. Not wet, not dry! The moisture helps the stuff on the pore strip get into your pores! But if your nose is too wet, it will melt the stuff off!

3. Keep the pore strip on until it dries completely!

4. Peel it off from the bottom!

5. Don't use pore strips if you've got pimples/cuts/any kind of skin damage on your nose!

Hope this helps!!!

xoxo, K


  1. OMG! you always inspiring me to by more of TFS stuffs! Now I totally want this one too!
    Thanx for this review! Will buy this stuff!

  2. ooooooo wow now i wanna try one hahah xD

  3. I never used any pore strip, would you believe that? I guess my skin is just too dry I wouldnt' even bother hahah :) thanks for the review

  4. =o thanks! i was wondering if those strips where any good.

  5. interesting... i haven't try any of them... will look them out in future

  6. Wow. That looks super cool! I would love to try that :) And I totally need it, haha.

  7. Hi K, I'm new to your blog, I love it hehe :) very interesting I've followed and thanks for sharing your nose strip, looks very effective there :) I'll come by and check out your updates...

  8. Hee hee...I need to tell the hubs about this. He is currently using the Biore ones. ;-)

  9. thanks for this review...hehe ive always been curious about the black charcoal stuff this things looks pretty useful, I have blackheads ....thanks for this ill probably try it

    do u know where i can buy it online?
    please tell me when u have time thanks! :D

  10. Thank you for the review and the helpful tips! I never tried a pore strip~

  11. Great results!! now I really wanna try the one I got for my Bday! ;)

    Thanks Kay!! :)

  12. i don't think we have this in the phils. too bad because it looks like a good product.

  13. i just started reading your blog & i'm pretty impressed with this face shop charcoal mask. looks really effective!

  14. it smells like charcoal?!? that's not too appealing =X

  15. that's a weird smell for a nose strip haha
    sometimes nose strips don't work well for me and other times it's fine. i bought a tube of softymo hot cleansing gel to losen up the gunk and it really helped

  16. was looking for articles about the strips!
    i ordered it online a while ago and decided to use it today but the directions were all writen in korean so i couldnt understand a thing D:

    thank you so much! :D


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