Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MAJOR love from Sarah!

Sarah hit me with this HUGE love pack!!!

The girl is SNEAKY!!!!
She asked me for my address so she could send me a few mascaras....

Um yeah, obviously this held more than that!!!!!

Look at all the things she sent me!!!She apparently knows me REALLY well!
She basically knocked all the stuff off of my wish list!!!

This super cute note was at the top!

"no enryo!"
Enryo (遠慮, えんりょ)is such an Asian concept...
Wow, it's so hard to describe!
In Japanese culture, you shouldn't accept gifts/nice things/someone else paying your bill/etc right away. You should always decline first, and accept later. Obviously, it's hard to decide when you should accept and when you should keep protesting!
This is "enryo"!

Here's a link to some stories about the concept of Enryo!

Everyone seems to know about my Milky Way addiction! LOL!
(I also like the mini Twix... hahaha!!!)
These miniatures are perfect for me.
I really only need one bite of chocolate at a time!
A big candy bar is just WAY too much for me!!!

Nyquil! Ibuprofen!!!
Thank you SO MUCH Sarah dear, for sending me these!!!!
We don't have Nyquil in Japan!!
Japanese medicine is a lot weaker than American medicine!!!

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
Is this ghetto? LOL
I used it the other day and I LOVE how it gets the oil out of my face!
Maybe I should do a FOTD with this mask? hahaha!

I've never tried Essence of Beauty brushes but I've seen so much about them on Youtube!
I'm excited to try these!

Castledew Watershot foundation and eye primer!
I've been using this foundation for a while and I like it!
It's very light weight but it gives me just enough coverage!

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper (Waterproof)
Cover Girl Lash Blast Waterproof
Thank you so much for getting these for me!
I'd been dying to try this mascara but since Max Factor is being discontinued in the US next year, it's become hard to find!!!!
I'm using the Cover Girl mascara now and I love it!
(I don't love the GIGANTIC brush, though!!!)

Maybelline mascaras!
Sarah obviously figured out that I'm all about volumizing mascaras!
Thank you so much!!!!
I can't wait to try these! The one with the primer is going on my rotation soon!

You are such a sweetie to send these to me!!!
You know I'm gonna be hitting you back REALLY soon!!!!!


xoxo, K


  1. What a lovely package from Sarah!!!

    Kay sweetie, can you please review the foundation and eye primer from Castledew? And which shade are you using? Is it perfect for your skintone?

  2. yup, i totally agree with Blair... U are one lucky girl:)The mascaras u received all have great reviews and I'm actually dying for a cover girl lash blast myself :-))

  3. sarah hits everyone hearts... haha!
    have u tried the covergirl lash blast?
    I have one too... but haven't try yet...
    I'm really interested to know and read your review and see pictures of castledew foundation and eye primer

  4. What an awesome luv pack you received! :) Can't go wrong with the strong meds...hee hee...

  5. Mint Julep is a little ghetto, but it works!! lol

  6. wah~ so great stuff that u got from SARAH!!

    haha that no enryo thing is so intersting, i went to see the site its so cool, thanks for sharing ah...i wanna learn japanese

    oh yah lol that Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is pretty school (^_^ ghetto , thats what i thought before lol)

    wahhh....and so much mascara u got there, o lucky u ! have a great day (thx for your sweet comment on my weirdo blog :])

  7. Whats the nice package from Sarah!
    So many mascaras to play with!
    The brushes looks cool too:)

  8. that's a super lovely package packed with so much love and sweetness *literally too* :)

  9. Great love package! Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is ghetto but, it works well. It helps get rid of my pimple.

  10. that's a lotta stuff! she's so sweet, plus cute packaging!
    omg i love twix too~! too bad it's so expensive in korea haha. i've been taking advantage of it back in canda XD

  11. that package is ahmazzzzzing! really cool stuff.
    Mint Julep! My fave mask in the world! :D

  12. the mint julep mask is old school, but it works so everyone loves it :) Essence of Beauty brushes are great - that's what most of my brushes are for eye makeup! it's great when CVS offers BOGO deals on them

  13. SNEAKY GIRL!! She is the bomb though!! And she really payed attention to your wishlist!!! What no NyQuil in Japan?! Say it ain't so!!

  14. sarah is so sweet! enjoy your goodies!

  15. Awwww that really is a box of love!! I love the way she packaged it too, super cute!

    And "no enryo!" haha too funny! Damn Asians and their crazy concepts and roundabout ways, hehe. =P


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