Wednesday, September 30, 2009

quick love from Blair!

When I got back from Germany, I had a lovepack from Blair!
She said it's a thank you gift for sending her a birthday present - Really Blair, it wasn't necessary!

Especially not this much!!!!

Wow, Fair & Lovely skinClarity Anti Marks Fairness Cream!
Jamilla reviewed this a while ago (here) and I really wanted to try it!
Thank you so much, Blair, I needed something for my sun damage!!

There was this little post-it note:
"More blue looks please!"

And a blue eyeliner to do the blue looks!

(these are long gone!)

An Etude House Sheet Mask
(This really smells like lemons!)

Thank you again, Blair, for all the sweet gifts!

xoxo, K


  1. Nice package!! The chocalt bars looks MMM!

    You know, I went to the post office today and I looks so stupid! I packaged all the stuff and when I needed to add your address I find that I don't have it:(
    I totally can't remember where is that note I've prepared...
    Pleaseeee shoot me on e-mail again...
    Sorry for that...

  2. ooh.. Yummy treats. First time i'm hearing of Fair & Lovely skinClarity Anti Marks Fairness Cream too... u guys have vast product knowledge!

  3. Yummy package! I know about the sweets...I always scoff those first!!

    I love the HG against freckling and discoloration!

  4. cool package!! i love receiving packages! lol.

  5. I hope the cream works well on you like what it did for JC :) If you like it, I'll send more to you haha!

    I'm also using a moisturizer from F&L but mine is from the MultiVitamin range.

  6. Lovely love package from Blair.

  7. lovely package! sweeeeeeets! *___* mmm yummy! Now you HAVE to make real blue looks! ;D

  8. Blair is so sweet!! The Etude Lemon Masks looks so cute and yummy

  9. awwwww, how sweet is she?? :D

  10. awww!! such a sweetheart! :D Enjoy your goodies! :D

  11. How sweet of her!! Those are some great "thankyou" prezzies!! :) Mmmm.. Candy!!! And yes more BLUE looks!! You do them great!! ;)

  12. aww enjoy your goodies! The leave on conditioner looks wonderful :D


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