Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tags: Over the Top / Awesome Girl!

The lovely Mona made me a new banner!
I didn't name my blog after the Bihada Ichizoku line but the girl is certainly cute!!
Now I have to find a new layout for my blog... someone want to help me???

TAG: Over The Top!

I was tagged by Amy Naree ! One word answers to the following questions!

Where's your cell phone: purse

Your hair: cut

Your mother: called

Your father: overprotective

Favorite Food: dumplings

Dream last night: bestie

Favorite drink: water

What room are you: bedroom

Hobby: traveling

Fear: robbery

Where were you last night: work

Something that you aren't: athletic

Muffins: small

Wish list item: here

Where did you grow up: NYC

What are you wearing: Uniqlo

Your pets: none

Friends: LOVE

Something you're not wearing: socks

Favorite store: random

Favorite color: black

Last time you laughed: yesterday

Your best friend: LOVE

Place you go to over and over: USA

Person who emails you regularly: work

Favorite place to eat: random

TAG: I think you are an awesome girl!
I was tagged by Anastacia for this one!

I'm supposed to share 10 facts about me... so I took a look at my previous tags to see what I hadn't yet shared! I'll share 10 random things about me and beauty blogging!

1. Most of my posts are scheduled posts. Sorry!!!! I work more than 12 hours a day on weekdays (closer to 14 hours most days...) so I try to make blog post when I'm inspired!

2. I've been reading beauty blogs and watching youtube videos for such a long time! It still amazes me that the girls whose blogs I've been reading for so long know who I am and leave such kind comments!!! Wuzzy, Mona, Diana (Paperdoll Revenge and Mayaari), Anastacia, Nikki, Yumeko, Elvira, Jamila, Sarah, and so many more girls!! I'm still in shock when I get an email / tweet from you girls!! I'm just a fangirl!!!

3. I'm making it my personal mission to meet as many bloggers as I can! I've met up with bloggers from Tokyo, NYC, Guam, and London so far! Too bad I didn't start blogging a few months earlier than I did - I went to Hawaii and Hong Kong just before I started!

4. My makeup collection has grown from one bag to three boxes over the past 6+ months. I blame traveling and beauty blogging!

5. Beauty blogging introduced me to MAC, Skin Food, The Face Shop, VOV, mineral makeup, and so many other great things! At the same time, I'm so surprised that all of the American girls know about Kate/Visee/Sekkisei/Canmake/etc!

6. Speaking of MAC, I have 5 MAC brushes. 6 months ago I had none!! Ooooh the power of blogging!

7. I recently broke my no-buy. Shhhh!!!! I'll go back on it soon!

8. I haven't done a blog post about my favorite skin routine. I had been planning to since I started blogging, but for some reason, it hasn't happened yet!

9. That blue striped background you see on most of my pics? Yes, it's my blanket! It's a more interesting background than the floor!

10. I STILL haven't mastered taking a good EOTD picture! The picture always washes me out!! I really want to learn how to take good pics!!

I tag: Blair, Izumi, Eki, Tammy, Lane , and anyone else who wants to do this!!


  1. you are very sweet K for including me on this tag *hugs*

  2. xoxo~ You makes me blush :P ThanQ for such sweet words! So appreciate it!

    OMG! I am envy you! I wish my make-up can grow like your ;)

    Every time I take EOTDs I change it on continuous shooting without flash and goooo :)

  3. haha it's amazing how much blogging has impacted our lives - I used to have 5, maybe 6 makeup items and stuck with the SAME THINGS for years on end...until I started blogging 2 years ago, lol :)

    if you're ever back on the east cost for vacation, it would be wonderful to try and meet up with you! I love meeting all my favorite bloggers :)

  4. thanks for doing the tag it was such a fun read :)

    i don't think i can ever do a no buy lol there's just too much temptation!

  5. i like that new logo!
    and i looove reading tags though i am crap at doing them haha

  6. It's great learning a bit more about you... hehe~ :)

  7. Awww Kay!! I LOVE YOU!! You leave me the sweetest comments too! And you also pick out some mean snackies! ;)

    Yes I blame beautyblogging also for my increase in MU & decrease in $$! LOL!

  8. Oooh, I've always wondered about your blue striped background!

    My makeup collection has grown too, thanks to your generosity when you swapped with me and my very empty wallet haha *muahh*

    My FOTD pictures are always washed out too sniff!

  9. I like ur banner! I feel the same way about blogging too, it's made my makeup collection grow a little too much and I recently bought mac feline, so I kinda broke my no buy too ... hahaha

  10. love your new banner~ so cute xx

  11. I think the beauty blogging sphere is decidedly more fun and friendly than most :) We're all just secret splurge shopping sisters hehehe :)

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  13. Your banner is too cute! *^_^* Yay to dumplings and beauty blogging!


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