Saturday, May 30, 2009

quick love from LaBelleMeL!

I got a package from LaBelleMeL!

I sent her some samples of shampoo recently (as mentioned in this post), and she very kindly sent me something in return! Wow Mel, I didn't expect this!!!!

Wow, she sent me A LOT of things!!!!

Needless to say, these chocolates are gone now!!!

Look!! BB cream samples!

I LOOOVEEE getting samples of things that other girls' use so I can try them out!

I've always wanted to try L'egere White Multi BB and Missha BB creams!
The Missha BB cream container contained a crack in it (GRRRR... Usually Japan post is better than that!) but no matter - I was able to rescue it before anything leaked!

I tried the L'egere White Multi BB cream and I AM IN LOVE.
This is the only BB cream I've used so far where I don't need a concealer!
Now I want an entire tube of this stuff!!!! Too bad I can't find it online in Japan!!!!

Wooooo, what a lovely color!

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Nude Blush!!!!!
The one item I forgot to pick up on my haul in Guam!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Thank you SOOO much Mel!

Not only were you super sweet to send something to me,
you checked out my wishlist to do so!!!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Guam Day 3: Day trip in Guam!

I'm planning on getting something from Coastal Scents. Other then their silica spheres, is there any Coastal Scents product that you suggest I try? Leave a comment and let me know!


I am FINALLY getting around to posting my final day in Guam!!!!

I took a day trip around the island of Guam. It was a tour organized by my travel agency, but actually it was quite nice! I got to see Guam outside of downtown, and it was SOOO beautiful! I just wish we had more time to stop and look at the scenery, instead of stopping at the stores...

I didn't watermark these because the scenery was just too beautiful...

"The Women of the Island - Three Generations"This is a statue depicting three generations of women in Guam.
"A tribute to all Chamoru women" was what was inscribed.
Isn't it nice to have a statue for women for a change????

The picture on the right is the ocean just behind the Three Generations statue.
This picture does NOT do justice to the beautiful scenery I saw!!!

The Statue of Liberty!!!
What is this doing in Guam????
I heard it is there because Guam is the first US territory where the sun rises every morning (it is on the Japan side of the international date line) !


Some guys in Guam keep water buffalo as pets.
Yeah, you heard me.
Water buffalos as pets!!!
The guy who owned this one let me ride it!
He said, "she's the most reliable four wheel drive in the jungle!"
And yeah, I got to ride it around for a bit!!!

A peace memorial.Guam is a site of VERY INTENSE fighting during WWII (click here).

Two Lovers Point
A typical love story...
Two lovers wanted to get married but the girl was promised to someone else...
They were going to escape by canoe but were found out...
They tied their long hair together and jumped off of the cliff...

But anyway, the scenery was very beautiful!!

xoxo, K

Sunday, May 24, 2009

quick love from JeSMakeup!

I'm gonna say this in advance...
I MIGHT be MIA from May 23 - June 6.
I am going to China on a business trip, and I've heard rumors that the Chinese government is blocking blogger. Yes, they block internet sites quite often. Wikipedia is very often blocked.
Additionally, even if I can get through, the internet in China is very, very slow. I may not be able to post just because of the lack of a fast connection.

My company has decided to restrict travel in/out of Japan due to the recent outbreak of Swine Flu. Unfortunately, I am not able to fly through Seoul (and meet Miumiu, SOOOOBBBBBB), but I'm lucky that my trip got approved at all.

On the bright side, guess what's in the department store across the street from my hotel? SKIN FOOD. Yes, one of only 6 or so in Mainland China! I don't know if I will haul though, imported cosmetics are EXPENSIVE in China!


This past Monday, I got a bit of love in the mail from JeSMakeup!
She said she had a sample of BB cream that she was willing to give away, and she gave it to me!

You can see the Missha perfect cover BB cream sample!!!
BUUUUTTTT look at what she also got me!
(and not just the cute Hello Kitty bandaid!!!)

It's a Bath & Body Works Shower Gel!!!!!!!

Thank you for remembering that I LOOOOVE B&BW!!!!

WOOHOO for blogger love!!
Thank you again!!!

xoxo, K

Thursday, May 21, 2009

FOOD: Hiyashi Chuuka (Chilled Ramen)

It is getting very warm in Kobe, and there are some days when I can go through the entire day in short sleeves.

The supermarket shelves are switching from warm winter foods to cool summer foods! This week I have made my first "Hiyashi Chuuka" of the year!Hiyashi Chuuka is a type of chilled ramen (see here). For me, it is a typical summer food, along with somen! Hiyashi Chuuka actually means "chilled Chinese" (冷やし中華, for all you kanji readers), which is strange... I guess it means chilled Chinese NOODLES. Why leave out the most important word???? hahahaha Fortunately, just about any Japanese person will understand that you mean chilled ramen if you tell them you want Hiyashi Chuuka.

You can top it with whatever you like, but here is what I added.
- Sliced cucumber
- shredded chicken (breast meat or other lean meat)
- mock crab meat. This is a MUST HAVE for me! You think it's gross? Wanna know what I think of spam/baloney/other luncheon meats??? hahaha
- scallop sashimi

Yum yum!! Then again, when summer comes around, I'm going to be too exhausted to eat stuff like this... I do not do well in heat...

Do you have a favorite dish for summer?

xoxo, K

PS: This is readily available in any Japanese supermarket. The package typically comes with the noodles & soup!

Monday, May 18, 2009

SWAP with Blair!

This is a swap that I did with Blair from BijinBlair!

Blair and I have been emailing each other back and forth almost daily since early April. I love exchanging emails with her sooooo much! Thank you so much for being such a sweet girl, Blair!!!!

LOOK at all the stuff she got for me!!!!!!!
I have been spoiled!!!!

You will notice in the video that some of the goodies from the picture above are missing... but they are already in my tummy!

The one item I specifically requested was the Skinfood Banana Yogurt Wash Off Mask.
I've heard so many good things about it from the other beauty bloggers!! I'm so excited to use this!!!!

I also asked her for some postcards from Malaysia.
Aren't they gorgeous?

She also spoiled me with some sweets!
The chocolate bars are gone already!!

She also included...
Elisha Coy Nuddy BB cream - I can't wait to try it since Blair says it's her favorite!
Silica powder - also recommended by Blair!
Tony Moly sleeping mask - I'm going to try this tonight!!!

Blair also got me the L'egere mineral finishing powder and Water Drop BB cream that is in the 2nd picture... Unfortunately I've forgotten to take a picture of it!!!

You are such a sweetie to spoil me so much!
I hope you liked what I got you!!!!!

xoxo, K

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Guam Day 2: HAUL in Guam!

To all the sweet bloggers in Seoul...
I will be in Seoul on May 23 (Saturday)
Anyone up for a meetup?
I will get in around noon, and am free the entire day

I know I told everyone that I'm gonna do some MAJOR hauling in Guam.

In all honesty, I didn't haul as much as I was planning to. Some of the stuff I wanted couldn't be found, and MAC/NYX was priced a lot higher than the US prices I've seen on the internet. Since Guam has a low population and it is very far away from mainland US, I am not all that suprised.

Also, I guess I went to K-Mart at a bad time because they were not stocked well. For example, most of their black mascaras and black eyeliners were sold out. I think I must have picked up the last Lash Blast Waterproof mascara in Black.

BUT don't worry.... I did do enough damage...

Revlon Color Stay Quads in Neutral Khakis / Nude Elements / Azure Mist
Maybelline Expert Wear Shadow Quad in Emerald Isle
Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow 8 Pan
Rimmel Colour Rush Quad Eye Shadow in Smokey Brun / Smokey Blue / Almond
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara in Very Black (why don't they have a waterproof version of this???)
Cover Girl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara in Very Black (I wanted to stock up on this... but they had only 1 Black one!!!)
Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner & Liquid eyeliner
Posh Domed Eyeshadow Brush
Rimmel Colour Rush Eyeshadow in Taupe / Spun Gold
Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Not Just Metals
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Life's A Peach / Nude Lustre
Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze in Lasting Shimmer

Milani Minerals Blush in Luminous

You can kind of tell that I love my neutrals, can't you???
I'm trying to branch out in terms of eyeshadow colors, though!
Hence, the green and the blue palettes...

I went diving on Day 2 in Guam, but someone else has my pictures!
Oh well!!!!

Hopefully I'll get Day 3 out quickly!!!

xoxo, K

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TAG! Friendship award

I must be the last blogger to do this tag...

I got tagged by Blair, Mayaari, Ning*Star, Mel, Sanny, and M!

The rules are:
1. Take your award here
2. Put the logo on your post
3. Link the person who awarded you
4. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers
5. Add the links of those bloggers on yours
6. Leave a message for your nominees

Ummmm since I must be the last blogger on earth to do this, who should I tag???
Let me just mention the girls who really embraced me and made me feel SO welcome when I first joined this community!!!

Yumeko, KT, M, LadyL, Danni, Left Boob, Right Boob, Blair, Sanny, JeS
and YOU!!!!

Thank you for your love!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Guam Day 1: Blogger meet up!!!!!


Missed me???

I'm back from Guam!

I had a blast and hauled a lot (although not as much as I was planning to...), so it will take me some time to get through my posts.

REWIND to about 2 weeks ago...

After I had made my reservations to go to Guam, I was browsing through my recent followers. I stumbled upon Cheysser, who actually LIVES in there!!!

I commented on her blog that I was going to Guam, and I emailed her too. Apparently some of her friends had wondered if I was just messing with her or if I really was going to Guam! I totally understand... I'd wonder if someone suddenly sent me an email asking for a meet up!!!

Cheysser was kind enough to invite some of her friends, Shantee and Shar, to also come and meet me!! (side note: Shar actually works for the travel agency I booked through!! What a coincidence!!!!)

It was the first time for the Guam Girls to do a blogger meet up!!!!

WOOHOO! I feel SO SO SO special!

The girls were so sweet and so kind! I sent SO many emails asking for info on Guam, but they were so nice in answering them!

Shantee, Cheysser, and Shar!

Food porn!!!

Of course we had to take a picture at the DFS!

The girls absolutely SPOILED me with gifts!!!!

From Cheysser & Shantee...

LOOK at all this stuff!!!!

A Milky Way fun pack (everyone knows I like this now, don't they???)
Revlon Creme shadow in Va Va Va Bloom
NYX eyeshadow trio in Princess Pink/ Flamenco/ Violet
5 different ELF lippies!!!!!!
2 empty ELF quads (which I have wanted for a long time!!!)
And the cutest HK card!!!!


Shar sold me her MAC paint pots...

In this ultra cute box!!!

Look at the extras she threw in!!

2 more ELF lippies and an I love Guam keyholder!

Let's take a look at the paint pots...
Fresco Rose

My first paint pots!!!
I already used the Fresco Rose every day of my trip to Guam!!!

Thank you again to the girls for coming to meet me!! I had a blast!!!

xoxo, K

Friday, May 8, 2009


YES this is a scheduled post!!!

I got tagged by Diana, Crystal, Shar and Diana! Yes, I got tagged by both Dianas!! Woohoo!!

What is your current obsession?
Trying to find a new neutral palette. The lead contender is Visee Blackish Eyes B-1

What is your weirdest obsession?
I cannot stand it when my nail polish chips. I cannot stand even one chip. This is why I almost never wear nail polish.

What are you wearing today?
Right now, a T-shirt and shorts. I'm getting ready for bed.

What's your favorite comfort food?
Rice porridge, but made with broth instead of water.

What would make today special?
It is special already. I got a very, very special package from a very, very, very special friend.

What would you like to learn to do?
Do my hair & makeup better.

What’s the last thing you bought?
A mother's day card

What are you listening to right now?
The fan on my laptop

What is your favorite weather?
Sunny with a slight breeze. The temperature should be warm enough that I can wear short sleeves, but cool enough that I'm not sweating.

What is your most challenging goal right now?
Trying to become a better person.
Interacting with other bloggers has helped, since I am interacting with a wide variety of people. Thank you girls!!!!

What do you think about the person who tagged you?
Diana (mayaari) - I feel a connection with her for a lot of reasons. Thank you for being my twitter buddy!!!
Crystal - a very talented girl! I wish she would post more about her musical abilities!
Shar - I am SOOOO looking forward to meeting you girl!!! (scheduled post, remember?)
Diana (paperdollrevenge) - we've been chatting a LOT recently and I LOVE IT!!! Woohoo!!

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
The suburbs of NYC, where I spent my childhood. I really miss NYC (the atmosphere and the food the most!!) Either that, or Oahu, Hawaii.

What would you like to have in your hands right now?
an announcement saying I've been promoted would be nice

If you could swap lives with anyone for one day who would it be and why?
I would love to swap lives with Mona or Fuz and walk around in their shoes! Their beautiful, stylish shoes... ::drool::

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
Go shopping at Target in the US

Which language do you want to learn?
Chinese, because it is the most useful language for me at work.

What do you look for in a friend?
Someone who accepts me for who I am, regardless of how fucked up I am.
Someone who I can talk to for hours at a time.

Who do you want to meet in person?
Any of the beautiful blogger ladies!

What’s your favorite type of music?
Alternative Rock. Would it surprise you if I said I was in a rock band for 6 years?

What is your favorite piece of clothing you own?
I don't have one anymore ::sigh::

What is your dream job?
I am living my dream career right now, including the different assignments that I get within my job.

Any favorite models?
Nope, unless Fuz counts

If you had $100 now what would you spend it on?
I'm going to be hauling more than that in K-Mart alone in Guam. Please don't ask me what my total hauling amount is going to be! Yes girls, I've promised to take a picture with the hauling pose...

Thing you wish you could change in your past?
I have no regrets about my past. It is all part of who I am, and I believe I have made the right choices in my life.

Fashion pet peeve?
I honestly don't care what other people wear. I'm immune to the girls in China, even the ones who wear bright blue tights with red pumps and have purple hair which is half permed and half stick straight (REALLY, there are girls like this).

My pet peeve about appearances is guys who don't cut their nose hair. Seeing cute guys with nose hair is soooo disappointing!

Do you admire anyone’s style?
Out of the beauty bloggers...
Pink, for rocking out just about anything. OMG, her contest entries can only be described as ART!

Describe your personal style.
Uhhh.... When I'm at my best at work, I'm covered in grease... so, um, engineer chic?????

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Anything with chocolate, although fruit sorbets are wonderful as well

What is your favorite makeup brand?
I haven't tried enough brands to have a favorite. For eye makeup, Visee or Kate.

Do you get enough beauty sleep? Yes or no, and why?
No. I have a very good friend in the US who likes to call me during lunch, which is in the middle of the night for me. I wouldn't have it any other way though, because it is the only time of the day that we get to talk. Getting to talk to my friend does so much more for me in terms of stress relief that I would be devastated if it were to end.

Why did you start your (beauty) blog?
This is another story for another time... because I'm planning to use it for a contest/giveaway!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Haul: May 3rd

This is a small haul I did last weekend.
There isn't anything very special about this haul, but I just wanted to share what kinds of things I "normally" buy over here.

Kracie bleaching cream
It is for bleaching your leg/arm hair, but I use it to bleach my eyebrows.
Paperdollrevenge commented that my eyebrows are light and the hairs are short.
I like to color my eyebrows lighter than my hair, so I use bleach to do so.

Rohto Hada Labo Shirojun Toner/Lotion
I called it Hada Ken in the video, but actually it is "Hada Labo".
For whitening and hydrating my face. I'll show how I use it in another post.
I think this kind of toner/lotion is a fundamental part of skin care for Japanese girls.

Moisturizer with H-acid and Vitamin C for whitening
This is a really light moisturizer, which is a really good thing for me!
I tend to skip moisturizers when the weather is warm, but I know I shouldn't!!

Shiseido Razors for facial hair

Venus Divine razors

You can see that I'm pretty good about changing my razors every month!

Cezanne Smooth Loose Powder in 01 Lucent
Just a cheap loose powder to tide me over!
Spare rubbers for my eyelash curler!

Super cute oil blotting papers from Kose!

And another book of super cute blotting papers from Kose!

Let me know if you would like reviews on any of these!!
The oil blotting papers look really promising!

xoxo, K


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