Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kate Spring/Summer Collection

Here's the new Spring/Summer collection from KATE!

The official release date is Feb 1, but I've already seen it in drugstores!

 Highlights include:
- A new line of eyeshadow palettes, called Gradical Eyes A
(This is basically their third edition of the Gradical Eyes series.  The basic color concepts are the same, but the gradation colors have gotten more interesting)

- A new line of blushers
- A new color in their Diamond Cut Eyes palettes
- Several new base makeup products

Interested?  I know I am!

xoxo, K


  1. Can you please swatch thees palettes? Would love to see their colours :) Oooh, which ones are you eying?

    Brown Collection isn't even sold here yet *sigh*

  2. I agree with Blair, please do some swatches..I am a big fan of Kate cosmetics...

  3. the new e/s palettes look so pretty!

  4. Thanks for sharing Kay! The blush looks so pinky! ;)

  5. i think i've read in some blogs about the Gradical Eyes already... couldnt remember which site.. And which palette did you get? Swatches pls... =)

  6. Ahhh Spring & Summer!!!! One day my behind will make it to Japan and I can go drugstore haulin'


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