Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick Love from Diana and an Announcement!!!

I received some love from Diana!

Diana was incredibly kind and gave me her MAC Petticoat MSF!
This is my first MSF!!!

Here's a swatch!
It's a bit cooler in tone than I thought it would be!
I'm using it as a cheek highlighter!

Diana also included some My Beauty Diary masks!
These are my first from the Luxury Line!!!!
I'm so excited!!
I tried the Truffles one and I really liked it!!!

Here's my announcement!
I'm going to be in NYC from April 19-24!
Unfortunately, I will be leaving the morning of April 24, which means I'll only have a few weekdays.  But I would REALLY like to meet up with some bloggers!

Is anyone available?  I'm already planning to meet with Mona!  
I hope I can meet some more bloggers!!!


  1. Diana is so sweet! :) yayy NYC!! When are you visiting Cali!! <3

  2. she's is so nice to send u the MAc Petticoat MSF & I would also want to try the those MBD Luxury...I've read some good reviews about it...

    you're going to be in NYC...wow I would have love to meet you...but I can't drive...and I'm still a few hours away...

  3. woots! i have been hearing alot of good reviews on the MBD perimun line!! going to try them out! XD

  4. cool... I guess by that time I'm busy with my thesis viva and final exam....


    I love the MBD truffle and platinum and camelia masks they fit soooooo well dont you think?

  6. the MSF looks so pretty! great to brighten up the overall look :) awww..it'll be great to meet up with Mona, enjoy!

  7. Diana is so sweet. I love New York! I hope you have a great time. Is it going to be your first NY trip?

  8. LB is such a sweetheart :) I'm starting to see why the MSFs are so addictive - I just picked up an MSF recently and love the shimmery effect it has!

    YAY NYC :) I'll email you soon, but I think I can take some time off around the 19th to go up to NYC again and meet you - haha the trip can be my post-birthday treat :)

  9. great love package!! MAC msf's are always so pretty! Have fun in NYC, would totally love to meet you but too bad in in LA..boo!

  10. Diana is so sweet- I love the MSF!

    I'll be around..maybe we can have a lil' date with Tammy and Mona!

  11. Have fun in NYC you lucky gal!! And how sweet of D!! Can't wait to see you use it in action!

  12. Aww, that's so sweet of her! It looks so pretty!

  13. Awesome love pack! :) Ooh, you're going to NYC?! So cool! :D

  14. WOW, love that msf! gorgeous :)

    awww, come to caliiii..

  15. Lovely package:) Have fun in NYC!


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