Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quick Love from Sarah!

Sarah sent me a love bomb!

Maybelline Lipstick in Born With It
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer

Sarah knows that I've been lemming this lippie!

Some of the other stuff in the bomb!
Wow, I'm excited to use this soap!!!
Needless to say, the chocolates are long gone!

Thanks again, Sarah!!!

xoxo, K


  1. nice of Sarah! I have one of the MNY lippies too! I want to try some other colors now =P But the funny thing is that some lipsticks smell good and some smell bad =/

  2. Haha Sarah is so sweet! She indulges our fixes of B&BBW & choco! LOL!

  3. Gotta have the Snickers! Awesome love bomb. :D

  4. I'm currently using the Born with it lippy * loving it....How sweet of her to send u lotsa stuff...

  5. sarah's such a sweetie - always one to remember our sweet tooth! oooh, will you show us what the lippie looks like on you?


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