Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CLOSED - 1 year Blogversary!!!

This giveaway is closed!  Thanks for joining!

Wow, it's been one year since I started blogging!!!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported my blog and who has become my friend!  I never thought I would have such a wide network of blogger friends!!!!

My one year blogversary is coming up on March 2, and I am doing a quick giveaway!

One person will receive:
One Canmake Nudy Lipgloss

One Canmake Cheek Gradation palette

What you need to do:
(1) Be a public follower of my blog.
(2) Please let me know your story of how you started beauty blogging!
(3) The deadline is  March 2 (my one year blogversary!!)

I will decide based on whose story I like best, which means the more time and effort you put into your writing, the better the chances are that I will pick you!

My story goes like this:
I've been reading beauty blogs since I first found them through google.  I remember stumbling on blogs like Mona's, Jamilla's and Diana's (yes, both of you!).  I was so touched by the friendship that bloggers had with each other, and I really wanted to be part of the community!  I wanted to learn and share with other bloggers, and I really wanted to be friends with all of you girls!  I guess my wish has come true!!!

Thank you again for your love!

xoxo, K


  1. Aww, congrats on one year!

    I started blogging wayyyyy back. I got into web design the summer after 8th grade and had a pretty ghetto web design site back then... and it just seemed logical to also have a personal blog because that's what all the cool kids were doing at the time. I've had a personal blog on and off since then.

    I first got into makeup in November of '08 and I started reading MakeupAlley shortly after that. The first beauty blog I discovered was Temptalia, shortly followed by BellaSugar and Makeup and Beauty Blog. It wasn't until more recently that I discovered Fuzkittie and a whooooole bunch of other people through her and I thought it could be a lot of fun! Besides, my SO had gotten so tired of listening to me blab on about makeup I figured it'd be best so share it with other people who care LOL.

  2. happy anniversary!!

    i started blogging last 2009 of march,i was so getting into make up back then right after i gave birth ive seen a lot of reviews how to's and i was like hey its like doing 2 of my favorite hobbies at one....writing journal/editorial,and i started a blog...its fun i met a lot of pretty and lovely husband said that i suddenly stopped collecting watches and traded it into collecting makeups hehe.


    i actually stared blogging wayyy before i gained followers, mainly about my daily life. But I started college, and suddenly with a loan, i had money to spend, and it went on experimenting on makeup and after reading many many blogs, I took the plunge and my 1st beauty blog follower turned out to be mona! It turned out to be pretty fun blogging so here i am. One year on [too-dunno my blogversary exactly]

    It was boring i know. =)

  4. 愉快的一年博克週年紀念 =^~^=!

    I started blogging a couple months ago mainly because I just got married and moved to Austria, Europe and had a lot of free time, but soon I was hungrily eating up pages of reviews on products like BB cream which I never even heard of (haha being Asian myself). Now I've never been too much of a girly girl or wore/owned a lot of makeup, since my style was mostly black or vintage attire, with a gothy sometimes lolita-esq feel to it.

    However, after reading through many blogs and looking at all the makeup styles and colors, shopping for these products became devastatingly contagious! Soon I bought my own 'hauls' after reading Lotus Palace and Kimoko and wanted to share my reviews and EOTDs, and caught on to the beauty blogging terminologies. The perks of blogging is finding new and interesting people, and it's easy to talk to girls about makeup and beauty products when most of us posess a magnetism to it.

    Through blogging, I have a local contact in Austria, and we shall hopefully be meeting soon! Also a lovely blogger in the UK offered to help me acquire some items >D< I also learned of giveaways (like mini lotteries!) and wanted to see how lucky I could get. (I won Ningstar's B-day giveaway, and other craft related ones).

    My blog contains a wide range of content, since I draw, paint, and sometimes craft, so I promote my art on there as well. In addition, I include things about my personal life, living in Austria, and different brands I have encountered as a Hong Kong born United States citizen now an expatriate in Austria :D

    In a couple short months, my bloggy has hit over 4,000 page views. Next month, however, I will be taking German class everyday so I will cut down blogging time. But I have set up a poll to see what are the main reasons why people come to my blog. Wow, okay that's all! ^~^`

  5. I *am a follower already shaim
    As I am a arts lover I always suffer from my psoriasis and one day i thought to shift my attention from this situation and pain to do some thing i like and share the love of art .
    I have three blog
    My art
    My makeup
    My addiction giveaway

  6. I Started blogging when I was super bored and with nothing to do. Before I made my own blog, I was already an avid beauty blog reader. I hated those moments when I was super bored and there's nothing to do. So after reading some blogs I got inspired to create my own! I'm really happy creating my very own beauty blog specially it's about the things I'm passionate about, makeup and meeting friends!

  7. ooo this is exciting-

    So i was going through a rough patch in my life but then i decided to start playing with makeup and invest in some good shit haaha. So i stumbled upon Pink's blog and from constantly going to her blog and pictures, i became interested. From there i saw Mona's, Fuz's, etc and before I know it i became addicted to makeup and fashion and it made me feel so much better about myself. I would play around and then before i know it, i felt confident and i trusted myself more than other. So started my blog (which i cant believe i got followers) but its just a place for me to ramble...cause i tend to talk too much sometimes lol

  8. Hi Kay! Can't believe it's been almost a year already right hehe
    Mine is kinda the same as yours.
    I started out reading the Musings of a Muse early of 2008 and was totally amazed that someone out there was interested in makeup like me. So I kept reading a eventually found links to Fuz and Cuttibebe which led me to find so many bloggers out there that had such a close relationship. So i wanted to join in on the fun and seeing how none of my friends were interested in makeup, I decided to just blog about it. It usually goes out the other ear when I talk to them, or another girl would try to one up me on her knowledge of makeup. There's also another reason why I signed up for blogger, because at that time (july 2008) I was so frustrated with how my friends were treating you may or may not have read in my first entry. I just had to spill everything out. They knew about it later on but didn't really say anything about it, especially when I left for Korea in August.
    While I was stuck away in orientation away from Seoul, there were still a few bloggers who left messages in my comment box. So from then on, I decided to keep blogging on and found out how many people out there shared my interests and actually cared.

  9. Congrats Kay reaching 1 year of blogging!

    How did I start blogging... I started long time ago. Unfortunately, I can't remember when I started because I deleted my old blog before starting anew. :/ Anyways, my close friend from elementary and I were really into looking through beauty blogs like Necessary Makeup (Vanessa) and Stephienese. She thought it'll be a fun thing to do if we started a beauty blog, but she got pregnant and that changed the story... lol~ Instead I decided to go with the plan and start a beauty blog. That's the beginning of this adventure... wheee~

  10. ooohh yayy congrats on 1 year blog anniversaryy!!! so exciting :)

    I started blogging around April of last year. I've been a beauty blog reader for quite a long time, Fuz, Mona, Kimberly Tia, to name a few. But I never was encouraged enough to start my own blog, until last spring when I entered Diana (xmayyarix)'s giveaway on guessing when her birthday was, and I put down April 17th because that was my birthday also, turned out we were birthday buddies! I was really touched by her friendliness and it was her that encouraged me to start blogging as well. At first I was worried that I would have nothing substantial to blog about since I never owned much makeup back then...but look at where we are now! Blogger ladies help each other to find the best products and deals! and Diana told me one thing that I keep telling other people whenever they want suggestions on what to write for their blog, that is, review products you like, or dislike, it is always great to hear a second opinion. and often times I find myself typing in google the product name + blogspot just so I could pick out blogger friends' reviews on a product before I decide to buy. I am so glad I've joined blogging now, because I've made so many wonderful friends who share the same interests as me, and even though none of us had known each other before, but it always felt like we've known each other for a long time already every time we start talking, it's such a great feeling. And it's such a comforting place to be after a sucky day, to go home and read beauty blogs and chat up with blogger ladies on Twitter, because everyone's so nice, helpful, and encouraging! Seriously, blogger ladies are the best bunch of friends to have! <3 Happy 1 year again :) and thanks for being one of those sweet ladies I am talking about! :D

  11. oops sorry Kay, I typed in my comment with my other gmail login...this is the one that I am following you with. Hope it's okay, sorry about that!

  12. Congrats on your blogversary! My story started last year, when I got engaged to be married in June 09. I wanted professional makeup for the wedding day of course, but I wanted to learn to do my own makeup and have clear skin for all the days that are also important, like rehearsals, bachelorette parties, etc. So I started watching people like lollipop26, fafinettex and kuuipo on YouTube, and went nuts buying everything from Coastal Scents to Shu Uemura. I then started reading blogs by Lollipop26, then went hungrily after her blogroll. Soon I thought that I'd love to add my own voice to this group, because I had a unique angle, being that I'm Indian, I love bargain products, and I also love a bit of DIY beauty. So I started my blog and the support and love I got was amazing. I'm so hooked on blogging about makeup, and not only because I of course love makeup and skincare, but also because of the girls I always follow, tweet to, and more. I am now at 200 followers and plan to host a generous giveaway. I wish I was rich enough to send a thank you gift to every single follower. Thanks for being a lovely blogger. It's like I've met a huge community of friends. :)

  13. Congrats on your 1 year anni!!

    Here's my story...

    I started beauty blogging because I got hooked on watching YouTube videos of all these beauty/makeup reviews! Well actually it went way back to when I used to follow Michelle Phan via Xanga, however I didn't feel the need to blog since my blogs then were all private. After becoming a wee bit obsessed with all the YT vids, I decided "Why not??". I could blog about my own opinions and personal experiences because sometimes it's good to see products & beauty information from people that you feel connected to or similar to.

    I just wanted to be helpful even if it was for 1 person :]... Plus I loved the idea of making new friends & meeting new people who have the same interest as me :]

  14. Congrats for the first blogversary!!!

    Several years ago, when, I just started interesting in a make-up and all that stuff I did the usual photos with eye make-up and placed them in my on-line album. Then I accidentally found blogspot and without thinking created my account. But I started my blogspot with Russian because I was confused about not absolute ownership of English. Then I began to get more and more comments and requests on English. I closed my eyes, swallowed, and began to write on English! And here I am and my blog :)

  15. Happy blogversary! (in advance =P)

    As for me, I started beauty blogging a few months ago. I was into blogging a few years earlier but couldn't keep up because of a lack of motivation & time. I would blog for a while and then stop. It seemed that no one was reading my blog so I shut them down.

    Then, I kept watching those beauty gurus on youtube like bubzbeauty, Michelle Phan and so many others. Eventually, I started to read beauty blogs such as Fuzkittie, Shades of U, Musing of a muse and so many others. However, the products they were mentioning in their entries weren't necessarily available or wouldn't ship here in Montreal, Quebec. There were few Canadian bloggers so I decided to re-blog for the fellow canadians beauty blog lovers so they can easily locate where to buy this and that, especially for foreign brands.

    The comments and the followers of my blog encourage me to post up more things even though I know I don't have a lot of them. Being helpful to 1 person makes me happy and if they post up a comment it totally makes my day. :)

  16. Congratz on your 1 year blogversary! Mine just passed last Friday ^^

    Well, it kind of started with me watching Youtube videos. I was really tempted to do my own videos and to share with everyone my opinions and my 'knowledge'. Well, I did make videos but I was so self-conscience and there were a bunch of mean comments so I just quit it all. Then I started seeing some beauty gurus share their blog addresses and I started looking through them and saw links to more blogs in the blogroll! I started to click on them all and I was intruged! Blogging is so much easier, because you can edit any mistakes and think as you're typing! Plus--no mean comments;)

    Another thing, was how so many bloggers were so down-to-earth and easy to make friends with. ^^ The blogosphere is very nice a relaxing =]

  17. Happy Blogiversary!

    I had recently stopped biting my nails after over 20 years of nail biting and I turned to nail art and polish to help me stop. I found some nail polish blogs and wanted to create my own now that I did not have stubby gross nails! This summer will be 2 years I have not bitten my nails (^-^)

  18. Wow Kay already one year! That's amazing! I think my blog anniversary is coming up soon too, sometime in late March.
    I started blogging because I had just lost my grandmother to cancer and was trying to distract myself by exploring on youtube and nail blogs. I was very interested in nails (gradation nails, japanese nail tutorials, and nail polish) since the beginning of 2008 and that led me to various nail blogs and youtube tutorials. I didn't discover this blogger community until I saw Nic Nic's Daily Beauty Buzz blog and later found Fuz, HeartofPearl, and later you and Jamilla.
    I was so happy that I received many encouraging comments on blogger and made a lot of new friends that I could look up to like my older sisters. Now I have so many blogs I follow and many subscriptions on youtube that I enjoy reading and watching! Lots of bloggers were low key and had lots on relation to me. I'm glad that I started blogging even though these days I haven't updated that much.
    Again, congrats to you and hope you will keep blogging in the future!

  19. I'm a recent follower and not really a beauty blogger.. But I would still like to enter and tell you my story. I've been watching beauty bloggers on youtube and blogspot since I was in 7th grade, I'm in 9th now, and I've always been in love with what they do. It's my goal to start blogging about beauty instead of the randomness in my life but I've never been able to make the transition. I always create excuses for myself 'oh I don't buy enough products to keep up' or 'I really don't know that much compared to others'. I really hope I can make that transition soon, maybe I'll start slow.. but that is my story. Congrats on continuing this amazing blog for a whole year!

  20. I already have an old blogspot account for like years ago but I only did 2 post about some random things one is about a book that I'm reading & one after my dad died...& didn't continue as I have no idea what to first I don't know anything about beauty blogs...I started with youtube...subscribing on different youtube gurus...then I came across Mona's youtube page & liked her so much so I went to her blog & followed her that's how I discovered beauty blogs... all of you girls became my inspiration to write... and because I don't have any idea about cosmetics & beauty I consider myself a personal blogger....I write random things....& show the world what I love about life...and I sure am happy I did started to do blogging again...because of this..I started to meet new friends...friends that I know I would treasure for the rest of my life....

    Happy Anniversary K!!

  21. Hi Kay, Happy Blogger anniversary^^*

    I started blogging last year only becasue I wanted to make some posts about my trip to Korea so that I can win Korea's Tourism contest and I thought that my blog will be completely dead after that but it wasn't as I expected coz on the next day I had like 3 unexpected followers and some comments left on my post so from then on I decided to blog and it happened that I didn't win the contest that I joined but instead I won so many nice blogger buddies who I have become good friends with^^

  22. 1) Be a public follower of my blog. Yup

    (2) Please let me know your story of how you started beauty blogging!

    The one that inspired me to start blogging is Lotus Palace, one day I was searching some reviews on Korean and Japanese makeup products and I came across Kathi's blog. Is really interesting and helpful. So I thought why not I start up a blog and share with other people too. In beauty bloggers, we care about each other and that is really sweet and lovely. It really warmth my soul

    Lastly, Happy Anniversary. I still remember when you 1st blog and drop me comment and the sweet mail <3

  23. I think my story is very similar to that of many others'. I have always been interested in makeup and skincare, but none of my friends are into similar things. I always feel weird among my friends when I'm the only one wearing makeup or looking for that good eye cream. One day, I stumbled across a skincare video by Fuzkittie on youtube and that opened me to the whole beauty community. It was really good to know that there are girls out there who like what I like. So, last year, I decided to start my own blog because I love this community and I want to share my thoughts to others.


  24. Wow congrats to one year of blogging!! I personally don't know when's mine because i started wayyy ago on random stuff :)

    but what made me decide to really start a beauty blog? probably when i started watching youtube videos and realising that there was a whole community out there that enjoys the same passion as i do!

    then i found blogs like mona's, and fuz's and got hooked to reading blogs! i'm asian and it's pretty difficult to find asian beauty girls doing beauty stuff!! :) Hehehe, ooh and i wanted to be able to document my journey into makeup and blogging is a good way to look back at the past and discover all the little mistakes and gems that i've made along the way!! :)

  25. congrats on one year anniversary!! I've actually been blogging for about eight years now but have been switching back and forth between xanga/wordpress/blogspot. AHHH I am so inconsistent!! I wasn't very much inspired to blog about anything but I was pretty emo back then (like all teenagers??) to write whatever came to mind. To be honest I think I actually blogged about more important things (i.e. religion/politics) and was less superficial than I am today (i.e. blogging about hauls/fashion/makeup... :p). But I'm hoping that today, blogging as a professional (aka someone with a career) will inspire others to write and do the things they enjoy.

  26. congratulations!..for me is i started reading these makeup blogs(your is one of my first!, with yumeko, eki and mona's one haha)and love their tutorials and their tips..and hence i started my blog as i feel that since i always am taking from them and not giving it back to the community and hence i began my own reviews to share with others!plus its nice when the beauty bloggers giving out such sweet comments that make it worth it! ^^

  27. i started on XANGA awhile back with some friends just to keep up, update each other with how we were feeling, etc.. more private things that we couldn't talk about day to day. then after people started giving up on xanga, i went over to blog spot and kept a couple private pages.. as college came about my closest friends in high school (girls) decided we wanted to be able to keep up with each other since we were all pretty far apart.. first we started a "newsletter" where we'd write to one topic and send it in to one girl who would copy paste everything but not everyone sent in "articles" T^T so we decided to open up blogspots so we could update each other whenever that was needed. but the rest of them stopped blogging :< so i became the only one left.. and my friend (outside of that close group, but still a close friend) started blogging as well and told me to open up one.. so i moved my private blog to make it a public one.. and started following the people SHE followed (make-up-wise) that i liked.. and.. that's how it all started :DD i got to meet fab people like you, i'm glad it turned out how it did!

  28. Congrats congrats on your one year! What an awesome giveaway and I love your story! I feel so lucky to be in the story (I'm so vain!) but even luckier that I have gotten to know you over this past year!! <3


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