Friday, May 21, 2010

Bra Fitting by an Expert!

 I went bra fitting in New York.

If this is TMI for you, please skip this post.  This was such an amazing experience that I had to make a separate post on it!

I went to Orchard Corset Center on the Lower East Side after reading reviews on Yelp!

The store looked pretty seedy from the outside, and the inside was also pretty shabby.  I swallowed my doubts and told the lady I wanted a T-shirt bra.

She took me aside, told me to take my shirt and bra off, and handed me a bra.  It fit perfectly!!  Without even measuring me!!!

She fixed the straps, saying,  "I don't trust anyone with the straps.  You and every other girl that walks in here wear their bras too low!"  She told me to put my shirt back on.

OMG.  I looked totally different!  I looked thinner, and my boobs just... looked better!  AND the bra was REALLY comfortable.

I asked her for 2 more of exactly the same one, and also asked if I could wear the one I had on.  She laughed and told me that most girls do that!

AND the bras she had were all affordable.  There are other bra stores in New York, but I've read that the bras they sell you are pretty steep.  These were very affordable, in fact, I found that they sell the exact same ones on Amazon for the same price.  She is FAST, too.  I was in and out of that store in less than 15 minutes.  I think I waited the longest for my credit card to go through!

Basically, the lady takes the guesswork out of figuring out the different types of bras, and helps you to find the correct size!  Apparently she's been doing this for 28 years!

This was TOTALLY different from being measured at Victoria Secret's or any department store.  I seriously recommend you to get fitted by an expert!  I just searched for "Bra Fitting" on Yelp!

(Oh, and read the reviews for Orchard Corset Center on Yelp.  They are pretty funny, but they are DEAD ON accurate!)

That's it for my New York posts!  Now back to writing reviews!
xoxo, K


  1. Oh thats really good to hear! I got my bra fitted by a friend of mine who works at a lingerie store last summer (I've never been fitted before... oopsies), and she told me I was wearing too wide a band and too small a cup. She told me to go UP TWO cups and go down one band size. I'd been wearing the wrong bra size for like 5 years before she told me this. That is why I now ALWAYS recommend that people get their bra professionally fitted before buying...

    Great post! =)

  2. I went for a bra fitting a couple of months ago, and it feels so nice when you put on a new bra that fits!

    I've been back to the same place a few times.

    Freya and Fantasie are really good brands =)

  3. OMG. I so desperately need to be fitted. I wish I lived closer to NYC! Wonder if I could find a place around here...

  4. haha great minds, I just went to a bra fitting recently, Been wearing the wrong bra for years. I am a proud owner of 32DD's. I was shocked! since I'm only 4ft11.

    T shirt bras are the comfiest!

  5. wooo. I thinks so far my mom and the bra SA can just hand me bras without measure me... ha... but those bras looks really nice :)

  6. good to hear that you found some bras that actually fit! I wonder if there's a shop near me that does the same thing

  7. That's awesome! Haha, perfect fitting bras are so important~

  8. wow, exciting! i read the yelp reviews too. lady you have created my new must-see list in NYC with just 1 store. :D

  9. omg that sounds totally exciting!! i am pretty sure my bra is not the correct size :( i should go get my bra fitted by an expert too!!! thanks for letting me know such stores existed, i was too happy w/ my victoria's secret bra fitting experience...because i got the sizes according to what they said and it wasn't comfortable on my at all :(

  10. I live 10 minutes from the city and never heard of this! I am so going. I get measured at Victoria's Secret from time and time and I swear they tell me a different size every time even if I haven't lost or gained weight.

  11. That place sounds really great and I really want to go and get fitted...but I don't know maybe it's just me, I feel very awkward and nervous walking into those sections of stores >__<;;

  12. I really should get me sized up by a proff. Damn.. though Kay that lady sounds like a miracle worker... I wish I was in NYC! LOL!

  13. That's pretty awesome! Hmm I should Yelp something like that over here in California. Maybe there's something similar.

  14. I heard from TV shows and magazine that most people wear the wrong size bras. I definitely need to get a fitting done to look thinner and perkier... lol~

  15. Thanks for this!!! I'm in denial about my chi-chis! I know they are bigger than DD and I don't want to know the truth......... I desparatley need some new bras. All of mine have busted underwire *sad*


  16. ooooo fun! i sort of want to get a new bra as well. what size were you and what size did you end up being?

  17. That was hilarious but i can't believe i'm amazed by a bra-fitting occasion. I want to visit Yelp and buy good bras for myself!! But i can't go to NY, -__- so is there a good store in the Philippines with bra experts? 


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