Sunday, July 25, 2010

MAC haul! (In The Groove & Permanent items)

A very kind girl helped me with a Custom Purchase for some MAC items, including some things from In The Groove!
From In The Groove... the much hyped Stereo Rose MSF

By Candlelight MSF

MSFs are about 4000 yen (about $45 at the current exchange rate) in Japan versus $28 in the US.  Even with US tax and shipping costs, they are far cheaper in the US!

This lovely girl also helped me buy some eyeshadows which were recommended to me in my last giveaway.



Beauty Marked


Pink Venus


And a blush!

I'm so excited to try these!  Thank you so much!!!

I usually do a giveaway every few months, and I'm getting the urge to do another one!  
I hope I can hold another fun giveaway!

xoxo, K


  1. nice MAC haul. that Cantaloupe is gorgeous and very versatile.... and aww.... love this haul!

  2. I just used a lot of MAC e/s today and I felt I'm missing them so much already! I haven't been purchasing MAC for quite some time now! :)

  3. great haul! how are you liking the stereo rose?

  4. Great haul! :]
    Everyone seems to be loving these 2 MSF & petticoat.
    I can't get them this time but I do hope they repromote them in the future lol

  5. gosh lovely haul!!! MSF really looks lovely!!!

  6. Wow, you lucky girl! Nice haul!

    I tried but couldn't get Stereo Rose. I think that is one color that I would really love--I'm not sure because I didn't even get to see an actual sample of it either.

    The first 3 eyeshadows I have in my collection but I don't have the last 3. I find that club doesn't work for me, please let us know what you think of it when you get a chance to try it. I love Contrast and I use Beauty Marked quite a lot as well. The last 3 colors are really pretty. I will need to check them out at MAC. The Cantaloupe blush is a nice color too.


  7. Nice MAC haul! Stereo Rose and Candlelight look both so pretty. I love these soft shades!

  8. awesome haul dear! yay for all these new mac goodies :D do you like stereo rose and by candlelight so far? I didn't pick up by candlelight but after seeing swatches and FOTDs, I am kinda regretting it!

  9. Wow, what an awesome MAC haul!

  10. Ohh nice haul!! Espresso is great for brows too! :) Dang I knew MAC was expensive in JP but not that expensive.

  11. That's really awesome haul! Lucky you to get the MSF Stereo Rose :)

  12. Who's the lovely lady who helped you with all of this??

    I really want to try By Candlelight. Looks gorgeous! But wow, I didn't think i8t's that expensive in Japan!! And I thought Canadian pricing was already sort of pricey $_$

    But lovely haul! I'm sure all these will look gorgeous on you! ♥

  13. woah. i'm curious to see what you think of cranberry, it shows up bruisy on me :(

  14. hi!!! waves* it's very nice meeting you!!! thanks for stopping by my blogspot...and yes! i hung out with diana (paperdoll) and she mentioned you from japan! hope to talk/chat with you sometimes! <3

  15. ooooo what pretty colors :D love what you picked out!

  16. Lucky! The 3 pink and plum colors are gorgeous!


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