Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Reads #2: Feb 13, 2011

Many of you seemed to enjoy my "Weekly Reads" post last week, so here's another one!  It was fun to go through blog posts thinking about whether I wanted to put them in this list.  It's a different mindset from when I'm just reading blogs.  I've tried to put a mix of famous bloggers and my friends.

Hope you enjoyed this!

xoxo, K

PS: I'm thinking of moving these posts to Wednesday since many bloggers do them on the weekends.  Your thoughts?


  1. Thank you for including us in your list this week!

    As for the I LUV BBW club, I'd join for you but we don't have BBW here in Hawaii but supposedly one is scheduled to open up next month. I haven't heard anything more so I don't know if it's been delayed or not.

  2. I really enjoyed your review of the Clinique mascara. Do you think it's the wand or the formula itself that's good?

    The I LUV BBW campaign is supposed to launch in May! I wish there was a BBW when I went to Hawaii!!!


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