Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weight Loss - Week 4.1: Increase Your Fiber (again)

As you might remember, I gave myself another week of this habit to see if I could do any better. I talked a lot about why fiber is good for you last week, so go take a look if you missed out. 

This week was tough in that I got asked out to dinner a few times.  Eating dinner in Asia is tough - we get several dishes and share all of them.  It makes it easier (for me, at least) to overeat.  Honestly, I ate very healthy food, like hotpot.  I still need help with portion control for these settings.

I made a few huge batches of salad with some homemade dressing.
I used one head of cabbage, one head of purple cabbage, a carrot, and some peppers.  I think the peppers may be imported - the cabbage was like 80 cents, while the peppers were like $4.  I love peppers, and I'll pay any price since most vegetables are not that appealing here!

My homemade salad dressing consisted of a mixture of olive oil, black rice vinegar, and honey, at a ratio of 2:3:2. A traditional vinaigrette has an oil to vinegar ratio of 3:1, which means I was able to cut down the oil in my salad dressing to more than 1/3.  I also tried using yujacha (yuzucha in Japanese, yuzu peels preserved in honey) instead of honey.  It was fabulous!

This week's weigh in: 67.2kg / 148lbs (+0.1kg)

More or less the same, it looks like.  I'm going to have to step up my game with portion control!
What delicious healthy dishes have you been eating lately?

xoxo, K


  1. Dude, I totally agree that eating out is hard. Aside from picking healthy food, the portion is kind of set for you already, and I think everyone feels bad if they don't finish a meal at a restaurant, ykwim?

    That salad looks delicious!! Hm... I'm still a huge fan of soba noodles with veggies and a poached egg, but I also have been enjoying quinoa salad (quinoa, diced tomatoes, pepper, roasted corn, black beans, avocado, basically whatever you want to put in it + a vinagrette dressing). Quinoa is really good for you! :D

    Also, so proud of you! Keep up the great work! :D :D :D

  2. Ooooh, that sounds delicious! I'll have to try it!

    Like I wrote earlier, eating the correct portion if I have it in front of me is not an issue for me. I can halve it and not eat the rest. But when I have to serve myself, it's difficult!

  3. That yuzu dressing sounds amazing, might have to track some down when I'm in city super in HK. (Dunno if they do it though.) It's so sad that in China, salad's aren't appreciated. If i could I would eat salad everyday for my dinner (But that is soo not enough nutritional benefit.) On that note though, I have had thai beef salad and seabass salad in the past week.

  4. Your salad looks really delicious and your homemade dressing sounds yummy too.

    Have I eaten healthily this week? Ate 1/8th of an apple. Cut up cantaloupe, made fresh strawberry pie. I guess that I haven't really eaten that healthily this past week.

    You're doing an awesome job K! Keep it up. I enjoy your weekly weight loss posts.

  5. That salad looks yummy, and the yuzu dressing sounds tasty! I was really into making soups this winter, especially lentil and 16 bean soup - they're a great way to incorporate fiber and it was so easy to make a big batch on Sunday and store leftovers (even if that meant eating soup for a week, lol).

  6. Yujacha is pretty easy to find in any asian supermarket. Specifically, it's a Korean product. I'm sure you'll find it in HK - it's typically sold in a jar.

    What was in the beef salad? I'm really interested!

  7. I'm surprised - do you typically not eat many fruits? I loved eating at your house. I remember I told you I was REALLY tired of unhealthy food at that point. I was SO grateful for your home cooked food, and I still remember the yummy broccoli salad you made!

  8. What do you use to cook your bean soups? Recipes, please!!

  9. portion control is the hardest thing for me too. i find the easiest thing for me is to take the time to eat more slowly.. so i notice when i'm full, versus eating really fast (which is what i'm inclined to do) and finding out that i'm WAY too full later on. i think it's called harahachibunmei? at least my mom always chants that at me hahaha.

  10. I hate eating slowly. If I'm with friends, sure, but at work, I have no time to eat!


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