Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weight Loss - Week 6.1: Getting back in the routine

First of all, thank you to all of your sweet comments, tweets, and emails to my last post.  It really made a big difference in how I feel about not losing weight as quickly as I would like.

Having said that, the past 2 weeks have been really, really hard.  I went back to Japan for a few days, and I ate much better than I have been doing.  I had dinner one night with a friend who is vegetarian - that meal was the best meal I have had in a very, very long time.  I know I could never give up seafood, but I seriously thought about giving up red meat. 

After I got back, things have been rough.  I had to get back into the routine of working out, which is really not as easy at it sounds.  I had to go to "group dinners" (mandatory dinners at work) twice this week, one which included heavy drinking.  All of you who say that I should just not drink?  Heavy drinking is the basis of work relationships in North China.

This week's weigh in: 67.7kg / 149lbs (+0.1kg)

Considering how unhealthy I have been, I'm surprised that my weight has been almost unchanged.  I'm going to eat more vegetables this week and get back into my Wii Fit routine.  I'll be back to the Weekly Challenge routine in 2 weeks!

xoxo, K


  1. aww glad to hear you could enjoyed your time back home! yeah drinking doesn't help weight loss at all.. so sad to hear about these kind of cultures, and forcing it on women too! good luck with your work out!

  2. Depsite being home and eating and not doing your Wii routine, you did a great job! I think that just being able to eat good foods helped a lot. I'm sure that you must have felt better too.

    Back to the ol' grind...
    I know that you'll be able to continue doing great.

  3. I think that even though you aren't losing as much weight as you would like, its key to note you aren't gaining tons either. I think once you get into a routine and are able to find things that are comparable to the good healthy foods you find here in Japan things will get easier for you.

    You are definitely inspiring me to get off my butt and go to yoga even though now my studio is a 25 min walk from my house. :)

  4. I've struggled for the last two months myself. My weight loss hit a stopping point then it just keeps going up and down. I've joined weight watchers online now so I can keep better track of what I'm eating. Next week I'm going to get my backside in gear after these two bank holidays!

  5. gorgeous blog! keep up the good work!
    would love your support for mine!

  6. Thank you! I hope I can stay healthy 80% of the time!

  7. Thank you thank you! I just can't get used to cooking with electric. I'm so used to cooking on gas!

  8. Today has been a tough day for me... I've suddenly gotten sick!

  9. Yay, I feel so much better when I know there's someone else in the same boat!!

  10. thank you!


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