Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weight Loss: An all time high

I just weighed myself and got the shock of a lifetime.
I weigh 70kg.   That is 5 kg more than I weighed when I lived in Japan.

No wonder my parents were talking to me about diabetes when I went to visit them last week.

I know I walk less then I did back then.
I know I drink more alcohol (mostly due to work dinners) then I did in Japan.
I know I eat out more than I did in Japan.
I know I eat less vegetables, and more oil then I did when I was in Japan.

I am in total shock.

And I am determined NEVER to weigh this much, ever again.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekly Reads #23: July 29, 2011

xoxo, K

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: L'Oreal True Match Touche Magique Anti-Fatigue and Illuminating Concealer

This is a review for the L'Oreal True Match Touche Magique Anti-Fatigue and Illuminating Concealer.  This was a gift with purchase I got in London. This product may not be available in the US as I could not find it on the L'Oreal USA website.

This product comes with a cap, which I removed for this picture.

What it does:
L'Oréal Paris True Match Touche Magique Concealer is an anti-fatigue and illuminating concealer which helps to visibly improve the appearance of dark circles and fine lines, leaving the delicate skin around the eye area looking radiant and smooth.
Now available in 6 new customised shades, in warm, cool and neutral tones to perfectly match the colour texture of your skin.
L'Oréal Paris True Match Touche Magique has a soft brush applicator, making precise and controlled application easy.
A closeup of the brush. 
Turn the other end of the brush and it will come out of the brush.

Swatched heavily


Price: will vary, has this for 7.20 GBP (about 8 USD)

- Very smooth and easy to blend
- Does not get into fine lines
- light to medium coverage

- This product only comes in 6 shades.  I found it hard to find a shade with the correct undertone.  I ended up getting the one with the correct undertone, but it is slightly too light
- I don't like the applicator.  I think these types of applicators are unsanitary, and it is easy to get too much product.  I apply the product to the back of my hand instead of directly to my face.

Would I repurchase?  No, I need something with a bit more coverage, and I really don't like the brush.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review: Skinfood Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream SPF20 PA+

This is a review of the Skinfood Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream. I have the color #2 Natural Skin.  I purchased this when I went to Korea.



What it does: This triple-function BB cream provides UV protection and deep moisturization to skin with aloe and mushroom extracts, while arbutin and adenosine make skin clear and resilient.
(from Skinfood's website)

Price: 12,900 Won (about $12 US) in Korea. Prices will vary online.

- this was a great color match for my skin
- sheer to medium coverage
- dewy finish, good for drier skins
- contains SPF. However SPF20 PA+ is not enough for daily use. Be sure to wear a sunscreen underneath! 

- I still needed concealer for my undereye circles
- This product took a long time to set. I would put on this BB cream, then do my entire eye makeup including mascara and eyebrows, before doing any powder or blush.
- I still needed powder to set this product. 

Would I repurchase? No.  This was not matte enough for my oily-combination skin.  I would recommend this for people with drier skin.

Skinfood has recently come out with several BB creams, but the Mushroom BB cream is one of the originals. This is a great product to pick up if you can get it at a reasonable price.  I've seen this online for $30, but I wouldn't spend that much on it!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weight Loss: Starting Over

I've decided to start my weight loss journey over again.

You may have noticed that I stopped posting about weight loss.  My last post was nearly a month ago.  I had a bad sprain, and that stopped my momentum for weight loss posting.

I still want to lose weight, and that's why I'm trying to get back in the habit. 

I know my problem is that I eat too much.  If I try to control something, I binge later.  My new strategy is to eat small amounts of high quality food.

I'm at my worst when I eat out with someone.  In Japan and China, we typically serve ourselves from big plates.  This leads to overeating for me. I'm going to be eating out today.  Let's see if I can keep myself from overeating!

On the positive side, I've been continuing the Couch to 5k, even though it's super hot outside.  I've just completed Week 7 and am contemplating buying the Ease into 10k app.  Amazingly, running is working for me!

I'm really, really struggling with my weight, and I really appreciate any help that you can provide for me.  Thanks again for all of the support you've given me!

Starting weight: 68.8kg

Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekly Reads #22: July 15, 2011

Hope your week is going well!

xoxo, K

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NOTD and review: Orly Galaxy Girl

This is a review of the Orly Galaxy Girl nail polish. This was part of the Cosmic FX Collection and may no longer be available.  Iyah helped me to get a hold of this nail polish.

Color: Purple with red/teal flecks..

Price: $10

- got rich color with two coats (I cannot stand having to paint 3 coats)
- wore pretty well. I'm very hard on my hands and most nail polishes last less than 2 days.  This started chipping in the third day

- slightly more expensive than Orly's usual colors ($10 vs $7.50... which is less than drugstore price in Japan!)
- I'm not a fan of Orly's brushes. I wish they were a little flatter.

As with all nail polishes with glitter, this is a pain to remove. I suggest using uncolored felt, or a cotton pad wrapped in pantyhose (one you plan to throw out, of course). Both methods snag the glitter and make it easier to remove.  Should I do a post on this method?

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K

Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly Reads #21: July 8, 2011

I hit a makeup milestone this week: I ran out of UDPP and needed to hack the tube open!  It was tough work.  Someone mentioned using a meat cleaver - unfortunately, I'm probably the only person in Asia who doesn't own one!  I did finally get it open, and I was shocked at how much there was left!

On to the weekly reads!
I hope your week is going well!

xoxo, K

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Up and Down #16 / A Piece of Me... in July 2011

I hope everyone is enjoying summer! It's getting super hot here, but I heard that Tokyo is even hotter... 35 degrees C (95 degrees F)!  Tokyo is usually hottest during August... so does this mean it's going to get even hotter?

Because of the nuclear incidents, I've heard that many companies in Japan have switched to a Tuesday-Saturday or Wednesday-Sunday work week, to reduce energy consumption on weekdays. Many people are doing their best not to use air conditioning, or to set their A/C much higher than they usually do.  What a difficult task when it's so hot!!

On to my Ups & Downs!

- L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes (review coming up!)

This was part of my haul from Hawaii.  I've really loved most of the products I bought in that haul!

- Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Nude + Gosh lipstick in Darling
Even though it is called Nude, the Chanel lipstick is very coral. Layering Gosh Darling on top gives me a great everyday milky nude lip color which doesn't wash me out.

The Chanel picture is from Sept 2009, and the Gosh picture is from Oct 2010. At least my lighting skills have improved!

- Meeting up with Lulu!

- Eating lots of fruit, such as watermelon, lychee, mangoes, mangosteens, etc!

- Not getting to play on my Wii Fit as much as I would like. I need to get back in the habit of doing this.

It's time for A Piece of Me in July 2011.
This month...

I like: being on Week 6 of the Couch to 5k!!!  Woohoo!!!  Now I can run 20 min without stopping!!

I don't like: that I need to wake up at 6 AM on the weekends to run before it gets hot.
I want you to know: that I'm really, really trying to lose weight... how do I keep at it??

I've planned: to go back to Japan this month!

xoxo, K


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