Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: Nanoce BB Sorbet - a sherbet-like BB cream

This is a review of the Nanoce BB Sorbet. This was a gift from Yuming from Beauty Box when we met up in November. The shade I received was #2 Natural Ochre, the darker of the two shades.

What it does: (From, the makers of this product. Translated by me)
Like a sherbet! This cooling BB foundation will tighten your pores, and prevent makeup from melting in the summer. 

Yuming has a detailed post on how to use this product. It comes with a sponge, which you spray the product onto and use to apply to your face.

Price: 1890 JPY, about $25. This may sound expensive to you, but this is a pretty normal price range for a drugstore foundation in Japan. For reference, Revlon Color Stay liquid foundation is 2100 JPY (=$27) in Japan, compared to $8-10 in the US.

  • The coolness of the product was very interesting
  • Good for those who want sheer to medium coverage
  • I still needed a concealer with this product
  • This product stayed "wet" forever and never set on my face. Hence, it transferred a lot (Interestingly, Yasumi felt it was too dry for her).

Note: To avoid the sponge from absorbing too much of the product, I would dampen it with water first.

Would I repurchase: Unfortunately, this did not work for me. It was just too moist and made me overly conscious about transfer. I will continue to try to make it work, since the "sherbet" was a very interesting concept!

I'm really curious why this product did not set on my face, while it was too dry for Yasumi. This goes to show you that the same product may work differently on different people!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xoxo, K


  1. Thanks for the review! Sounds like a great product for dry skin!

  2. That's an interesting finish. I don't think I'd personally try it though.

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  3. I saw Yasumi's review before and was really curious about the sorbet texture part.
    I wonder if this is like all the new "mousse" type foundations that are coming out in North American drugstores.
    I'd probably have the same problem as you because my skin is really oily around my t-zone T.T

  4. Too bad the texture was kinda weird. It really would have been very nice!

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  5. That is strange indeed...I didn't find it to be too wet...Maybe use less product? Thanks for the shoutout!!!


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